Praying With Boldness

This past Sunday, a pastor’s theme was on prayer. He mentioned through Scripture that the Apostle Paul in particular expressed that we often do not know how to pray or what to pray for. I concur with this, but we also as Christians grow in our prayer life and with growth comes boldness.

It was mid-January of this year and my dog Leo whom I was praying that God would continue to heal from his lymphoma suddenly crashed back into his illness. His treatments showed promise at first, and then we hit a wall. He stopped eating again, was in much pain, his lymph nodes were swelling.

Honestly, I was at a loss. But it was at this point I prayed with boldness. I asked God “why???” I mean I uprooted my life, took Leo to Colorado for this treatment which was something by God’s leading, and now this? I talked to Him as I would to a parent whom told me for example that I could use the family car if I did my chores of which I completed, only to find out they lent the car to someone else. I boldly prayed to God. I had sacrificed much, and worked around the clock to keep Leo on track, and then poof, we went back to the beginning. so instead of trying to figure it out, I turned to God.

I was at peace after I prayed boldly. I explained to God what was on my heart of which He already knew. As I mentioned in a previous post, praying boldly doesn’t mean we berate God or burn Him an effigy, it means confronting the situation you are in of which He is already aware of. Unlike humans, God never forgets His promises.

As I learned, God was teaching me to pray without ceasing and with boldness. Stop whining, and start praying in other words. Confront the problem and tell God exactly how you feel about it. Empty phrases and lofty platitudes He has heard ad nauseum. Yes, He knows you love Him, so don’t try and play the manipulation game with Him. Indeed He knows EVERYTHING, He doesn’t need a reminder nor a quid pro quo from you either. That is a common mistake I made in my former life “God if you would just do this for me, I will do this for You”. God doesn’t play that game!

So the lesson here is to pray with boldness! Pray as if you truly mean what you are saying and that God is listening. Praying with boldness also means praying without ceasing. Never cease in praying to God. It isn’t the more you ask, the more He will give, it is the more you pray the closer you are to Him! Remember, when God is magnified, fear leaves! Do you really believe that anything is possible with God? If so, pray this way, in boldness! He is good! So also remember God will never be a party to sin, so praying for something which will enable sin in your life will pretty much get a stern “NO!” from God.

The simplest prayer you can say to God is “THANK YOU LORD”. Thank Him for everything, the air you breathe, the water you drink, everything because He made it possible. If you are going through a trial, thank Him as well for sustaining you. The trial is always meant as a teaching for you to grow closer to Him, so thank Him!

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