What Are You Fearing?

One of the most cited lines from God in Scripture is “do not fear” for He is God. What is He saying? It means He is in control, and whatever the case might be if you trust in His will everything will be just fine.

The American fear is not so much “will I get sick” which is a definite fear for some, but for many it is “will we have to discard or excess”. Will they be able to go on that vacation, or be able to buy their kids the new iPhone, or will their favorite high priced restaurant close.

The fact is, this new virus was a wake up call as was every worldly crisis. Think of the Holocaust and how that woke up the world as to the utter evil that man could ensue on their fellow man. The thing I have been seeing the most in this crisis, is denial. “Look at the ordinary flu and how many it kills each year” is an example of the fear of this coming adjustment.

The rush for toilet paper and sanitizers, the sheer panic of the pandemic is all part of this denial. The part that will come by force, is acceptance. And no amount of panicking will be able to overcome it. A large government spending bill may not be able to overcome it either. But why fear if God is your center of your life?

I can say there are many silver linings in this particular crisis. I see more families out together, I see Dad’s spending time with their children finally. As Leo (my dog) and I walked in the woods tonight we saw a young couple with their infant child. It was something I don’t think I have ever seen so much, families spending this time together. And just maybe, this was God’s correction to a society which had gone astray from that blessing, from the contentment of what He has given us.

The excess can go! You won’t miss it! If you are still living in fear, maybe this is the time for that correction to realize what is actually important in your life, to your neighbor who needs you help, to your family whom you have been vacant to, as opposed to those things you actually fear which are the unneeded excesses.

I see this in the sports arena. The sports in this country have shut down, and I have yet to hear about the families who committed suicide because of this. I have yet to hear of the person who died because they couldn’t eat their high priced steak at their fancy restaurant either.

Society needed this adjustment as maybe all the other crisis’s from God were not big enough of a wake up call.

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