Dealing with Loss

I have wrote on this subject before, the dealing with loss. It hit close to home this past week as I lost my beloved dog Leo to cancer. All those things I mentioned in the past I needed to utilize, the main one being was to put my trust in God alone.

An hour before Leo’s death, my mind was a blur in grief. We both knew the seconds were ticking and soon Leo would be gone. As Leo laid by my side, I put my head into my hands of tears and said “I trust in you God alone”. I repeated this. And then began to speak to Leo. I told him how much I loved him, how much he meant to me. I then recited some of the names he knew which would bring joy to his heart. I told him stories of our adventures of he could remember to bring him some peace through his pain.

It was when I blocked everything out and just concentrated on God, that the world stopped spinning. Leo needed me to be strong and God placed it in my heart to do so.

Loss is part of life, and it NEVER comes easy. There is no easy remedy or words one can hear that will remove the grief and sorrow, but the words of sympathy do help ease one through the loss.

Everyone is different as well in their processing of grief and sorrow. Some might remain silent not knowing what to do or say, and there are some who may express their emotions. There is no wrong way to grieve.

But there is ONE thing I do know as I am still going through this sorrow, that if not for my faith in God, I don’t believe I could get out of bed, I don’t believe I could function. How God has helped me is He has kept me busy since Leo’s death. Some work I didn’t expect to happen, all of a sudden was scheduled. And it just so happened as I look back, that I complained that I was not seeing enough of work the week before. But God knew what was about to happen, and that I should spend these last days with Leo. Work could wait until the time came, and I greatly thank God for this timing.

Faith comes into the light through a loss. Some may profess their faith openly, but when a loss comes that faith is either confirmed or it is shown as fraudulent. It is a reality test of our faith. Are we trusting in Jesus Christ or aren’t we. As my words were sputtering out through my tears to Leo, I told him that somehow I believe we would see each other again. God has promised to wipe every tear away, and I know He knows how very much Leo meant to me.

Some practical things I found which has helped.
1. Tell others how you are truly feeling. Men have a problem in this area more than women, but it is a good release.
2. Don’t be afraid to cry, to show your grief. It is natural in the mourning.
3. Keep God present in your thoughts, talk to Him about what you are going through. His love is ENORMOUS, His care is open 24/7 for you. Jesus knows exactly how you feel, just read the account of Lazarus. So don’t get all fake religious on Him, talk to Him as a friend would.
4. Try to keep busy. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, write down what you are feeling. Read what you wrote. Keep writing memories and things which come to you, share your thoughts.
5. Look around, God will send you the unexpected. There might be a person who suddenly supports you or an event God will send you to, or help in some area where you did not ever think about. God has all this lined up to help you.
6. It is OK to look at pictures and things of your lost loved one. There is no timing to anything either. Avoid those who say “this is what you should do” because everyone’s grief and sadness is different.

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