Don’t Take Blessings For Granted

It is often our tendency as humans to get so enveloped in ourselves, our worries, our sadness, our distress, our happiness, our achievements, our responsibilities that we take people and things for granted around us.

Our fallen nature is to naturally see ourselves as the world revolving around us and our needs and our desires. This exudes taking things for granted. The little blessings in our life that we see as nothing or sometimes as an annoyance.

The sad thing then is to realize when that person or thing is gone from our life, we had greatly taken it for granted. When one proclaims “each day is a gift from God”, this is not a mere cliche to be shrugged off. It is an actual gift. Just ask those who did not get one more day on this earth.

It is easy to do, again the natural thing to do is to look beyond or not even at all at the blessings in our life because of the circumstances. But even in the darkest of times, there is always a blessing. Take this current stay in place order because of the worldwide pandemic. Your life might have had to change a bit, but did you see the blessings? If not, you are most likely taking them for granted. Did you talk to someone you didn’t before or as much as you did before, or go to a place you didn’t before, or maybe you found that you were capable of doing something you never knew you did. Just maybe the pandemic gave you TIME from seeing yourself in the mirror to do these things.

Again, when it is over, it is over. If you had taken someone or something for granted, when they are gone, all you have will be your regret. And regret is something you can’t fix, it doesn’t go away, it will stay with you and haunt you for the rest of your life.

If you found yourself arguing with me as you read this, you most likely are in the extreme category called narcissism. A narcissist has trained their mind so selfishly that there really is no care for others, so that there can then no regrets. The folks who by a delusion say, “I don’t want to get close to anyone” for example, they realize they might then naturally take for granted the person, then regret it in the end. But in reality, they ARE taking for granted the blessings whether they realize it or not.

We all do it, we take things for granted, it is natural. The unnatural thing to do is to break from this thinking. It took a dog to train me for example. He would greet my neighbor each day of his 8 years on this earth as if my neighbor just came home after a long war. He never took him for granted up until the death. I realized by this how very self-centered I was, how many things I took for granted.

If one says by reading this, “I don’t need this, I don’t take things for granted”, most likely again you are fooling yourself. And you will realize this when that something or someone you did take for granted is gone from your life. So each day, the least we can do is look at it as a blessing! The sun rose this morning, you are here on this earth, breathing and alive. Don’t take God for granted!

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