Don’t Wait for a Birthday

Are there people in your life where you wait to celebrate their life once a year, mainly on their birthday? Have you asked why you are waiting for that day to do so?

God has not promised any of us a certain amount of birthdays, or days for that matter. Our end could come today, this week, next month. It might be too late to wish someone a good day or send them your appreciation. I guess I for one really thought about this with the death of my beloved dog, Leo, who passed away just a couple of weeks before his 8th birthday. He didn’t make it until that day, and if I had waited to celebrate his life, I would have regretted this waiting.

We often take life for granted this way. Some are only important to us on their birthdays, where we may send a Facebook greeting, and then wait another year. In the past year, I have lost many friends and in the years prior, many more friends and family. Wishing one a “heavenly birthday” might make you feel good, but you are merely guessing. The time to do celebrate is TODAY. Every day in other words should be celebrated with those you love, don’t take anyone for granted.

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