The Ugly Side of World Religions

John 15:18
The World’s Hatred
“If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you.

If you are a Christian sharing the Gospel and have not experienced the ugly side of world religions you probably are not sharing the Gospel in truth.

You will experience the hate, rage, the sheer desperate smearing of your integrity, the loss of friends and family based on this ugly side of worldly religions. You will be called all sorts of name, attacked from all sides, demeaned, disgraced, and shunned.

I personally had degenerate people in my life who are involved in a world religion (Roman Catholicism) who celebrated the cancer and death of my beloved dog Leo. The sentiment was, “good for that bible banger, he got what was coming to him”. And mind you, these same individuals would claim they are “good church going people”.

The unashamed unbelievers get this. They see these professed Christians or so they say rear much ugliness when their times of distress come. It makes them think twice as to believing anything coming from anyone who says they are a Christian based on the hypocrisy they witness.

I personally witnessed this ugliness in many ways. Another example which comes to mind is a church’s email chain when someone was reported to have passed away. The immediate question was always “was he or she an believer”? Kind of late to be asking that question, and the ugly nature of this is not actually mourning this loss with the surviving family members UNLESS that person who passed away was a believer.

Whether a person is an unbeliever or believer or just plain uncertain, there is NEVER cause to castigate anyone going through sorrow or adversity from simply a moral standpoint. And sadly, I see more ugliness from so-called Christians than I do from unbelievers in this standpoint.

But as Jesus warned and professed, the hatred will come out. If you are a Christian, expect it. If the world is comfortable with you, examine yourself if you are in the faith.

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