You are ALL IN or ALL OUT

1 John 2:15
Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

Every pseudo-Christian, false convert, false religion, false prophet, false teacher will have one central thing in common. They will invariably love the world and the things in the world.

The seasonal Christian comes to mind. For about a month or so, they put on their Christian hat, and the rest of the year they behave as the pagan world. They are never all in for Jesus Christ or it may offend their friends or family. They cannot share the Gospel without being ashamed of its truth. But when trial and tribulation comes around, that Christian hat is quickly put on for a season.

The false Christian in a world religion also comes to mind. They will always set the worldly church ABOVE the revealed word of God no matter what. The revealed word of God is always wrong when compared to the teaching of the world religion and this false Christian will never put the time in to discern their church. Scripture is laid to waste because they are not all in for Christ, but all in for the world.

The false Christian views their one or twice a week church attendance as “enough” evidence to say they are following Jesus Christ. Their repetitive prayers may also be this evidence or a bible verse here and there they post on Facebook. But NONE of this is any evidence because this sinner is still in love with the world, they aren’t all in for Jesus.

The false Christian will try for a time to do and say the things of a Christian, but when the things of the world calls, they simply fall away with ease.

You cannot be half way in as a Christian for Jesus Christ. You either drop your nets at those did in Mark 1 and follow Him, or you aren’t following Him at all. Here is the test I like to give folks who believe they are following Jesus. This is a rhetorical question but it comes from the Scriptural examples of the Apostles and followers of Christ. Let’s say tonight you are eating dinner with your family and a knock on the door comes. You answer the door, and it is Jesus Christ. He says “follow Me” and starts walking away. Now the “follow Me” means you will leave your house, your family, your job, your whole life right then and right there. He doesn’t give you the option to go back and discuss this with your family, to pack up, to get your things in order, and maybe next week you are ready. The command is immediate. You aren’t allowed to question Jesus.

Now, really THINK about this scenario and BE HONEST with yourself. This is what is called examining if you are in the faith. Because if this is seamless and without a question, “yes” to that question above, you are in the faith. If you are contemplating this and need time, you may need to re-examine the church you belong to. If you said “yes” because it is the answer being looked for, BUT in reality you could not leave, well, you are not being honest.

Being in love with the world will always bring the answer of “no”, or “Lord Lord, I need more time”. In reality you are NOT following Christ at all, you are following the world by the reluctance you are exhibiting. One is all in or all out for Jesus Christ. This means He comes first, above anything else, above your politics, your job, your family, your social life, your spouse, your children. Only then, your honest answer will be “yes Lord, I will follow you” because the Holy Spirit is indwelling your heart. The things of this world MEAN ABSOLUTELY nothing compared to Jesus Christ. You truly have been born again!

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