Are You Ready?

What are your honest thoughts if the Lord has decided that today is your last day on earth? Would you be scrambling or worried to do those things you wanted to do, or are you at ease. The true regret will NOT be what you didn’t say to others, or the things you left unfinished on earth, it will be if you had spurned and rejected the Gospel of your salvation.

The regret will be knowing and finally realizing what God had said, that the love of the world and the things in it added up to one giant hopeless goose egg.

If you have not placed your faith in Jesus Christ alone, you will always love this fallen world with its disease and destruction and sin. There are no in betweens, no fence sitters in the Kingdom of God. You are either following Jesus Christ or you are following the world.

Those ready for eternal life are those placed in Jesus Christ, those who have placed their faith alone in Him.

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