A Glimpse of Hell?

Jesus describes hell as a place of eternal weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. A place where the unforgiven go upon death and their final judgment. In Matthew 7:21-23, Jesus describes religious folks who used His name throughout their life and in the end Jesus says “I never knew you”, where He then sends them to hell.

Yesterday, while listening to the radio, they cut to Washington D.C. where President Trump was paying his final respects to Justice Ginsburg. The radio went silent for a few seconds, and then a shrieking primal scream could be heard at a very low level and then it became louder which then chanting could be heard. Honestly, it sounded like distressed mentally disturbed patients in a hospital. But these were protesters. The demon chanting, and deranged screaming was what I believe will be the same sounds one would hear eternally in hell, the same sounds Jesus described.

If you go to hell, you will hear these sounds of distress and will be chiming in with them forever and ever. Some degenerate sinners as I heard yesterday are practicing!

Have you placed your faith alone in Jesus Christ? If not, you will most definitely without a doubt end up in hell. It is not going to some “big party” as some try to make it look like. It is not “where all the cool people go” either. They won’t be too “cool” in an inferno by the way. It is a place of ultimate distress. Imagine your very worst day you experienced on earth, and then multiply it by a thousand. That is hell. And in hell each day will be like this forever and ever and ever. There is nothing but sadness, distress, hurt, pain. You can’t kill yourself either. It just goes on and on and on. And you will never get used of it or see any light.

It isn’t God who is responsible for your judgment in hell, it is YOU by your sins! He provided you a way out, through Jesus Christ, but you failed to place your faith alone in Him. Now it is you and your silly pride and all you can do is produce a primal scream along with the other degenerates. You trusted in a world religion, and now those same people are with you in this place gnashing their teeth forever more. You argued with God’s children all your life, maligned them, slandered them, now you will see just how wrong you were and there is NO escape from this pit of hell.

So if today you hear the voice of Jesus Christ, harden not your heart, place your faith alone in Him. Turn to Him, confess you are a sinner and plead for mercy. He will save the contrite of heart! Do something about the eternal fate which awaits you before it is too late! Your judgment awaits.

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