Thoughts on the Election

With the upcoming election, I will speak here strictly from a Christian standpoint. Based on ALL the disinformation, and Jesus Christ’s being named or used by some who should NOT be using Him, I thought I’d share my thoughts.

FACT: Jesus never taught socialism or a social justice gospel

The Democratic Party in America loves at times to use Jesus Christ in their zeal for a worldly social justice gospel. The fact is from Genesis to Revelation, Jesus never once taught that the poor should steal from the rich or that all must be equal from a social/society standpoint. He only taught the Gospel of salvation! Although all are equal as SINNERS in the eyes of God. Does this mean He didn’t implore to help the poor in need if you are able? NO! But He never said to use force to do so as in a political/social sense. He said “store up your treasures in Heaven”, not “steal your treasures from others for worldly enjoyment”. Social justice is ALWAYS subjective in equality, God’s justice is ALWAYS objective in nature!

FACT: Jesus never promoted “Choice” as in killing the unborn or useless.
I write this in the BOLDEST terms. You cannot call yourself a Christian and support a Democratic party who promotes the killing of the unborn, abortion. And don’t call yourself “a child of God” while trying to convince others that this is biblical or that God would be on board with murder of the most vulnerable. And think again if you believe God would equivocate as to when life begins! You will stand in JUDGMENT at which time your degenerate argument goes up in smoke as you get thrown into the eternal fires of hell. So anyone, and I mean anyone promoting abortion in any form cannot in truth call themselves a Christian or a child of God. You are in fact a child of Satan. This has nothing to do with a man telling a woman what to do with her body, it is called morality in saying that new life in her womb has every right to live as its parents. I have heard all the arguments as to why a woman should have the right to murder her child, they are useless, degenerate, pathetic,, and equivocate on totally depraved immorality.

FACT: Jesus never advocated VIOLENCE and DESTRUCTION to change society for subjective norms.

The only destruction He authorized was done by His own hands, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Great Flood, for example. Judgment and vengeance are His alone. The pleas for justice cannot be carried out outside the law of the land! Jesus would NEVER advocate to burning down a community which had nothing to do with the death of a man. He also would never advocate looting/stealing as a form of reparations! Nor would He advocate filthy language and extreme hatred for others.

FACT: Jesus taught that anger/hate for another equates to murder as it is done in your heart. He also taught that with this evil, things will come out of the heart to the mouth such as lies, slander, vitriol.

The sheer amount of HATE for the current President Trump is quite frankly revealing. The sheer slander and disinformation he endures is something to behold. The hate for him is so intense, he could say the sky was clear, and the haters would want to impeach him because there may have been one distant cloud. Trump is held up to a perfection standard of which his haters would never want applied to themselves. He isn’t God! But those who hold him to perfection whether they admit this or not, view him as a god. I ask you to really think about this! If you think Trump must be perfect in all words or actions, you are holding him up as a god, NOT as an imperfect politician whose term can last only 4 years. And with this, you must ALSO hold your own desired politician to this same standard or you are a HYPOCRITE. I have seen a lot of hypocrisy by the Democratic Party, more so than any other group, institution, or person in my entire life. God HATES hypocrisy, by the way!

Fact: Jesus would promote religious liberty!

Jesus commands all of His actual children to share the Gospel, which is the power unto salvation. He already predicted that they would be hated for doing so as He was hated. Any politician promoting the censorship of Christianity and the Gospel cannot be voted for if you call yourself a Christian.

FACT: Jesus never taught that the earth would be destroyed by climate change.

While earthquakes, floods, and pestilence are all signs of the coming again of Jesus Christ, neither are going to be the cog as to the end. The Bible is clear, only God knows when the day will come and it will come “as a thief in the night”, quietly and when least expected. Certain events will lead up to this end and there are no day predictors such as politicians saying “we have 10 years to live if climate change is not addressed”, as IF that could stem God’s hand. In Psalm 2, it says that God LAUGHS at this derision as world leaders try to stem His hand. Does it mean we should be polluters and not take care of the environment? NO! We should always be thankful and take care of all of God’s creation, but the creation is NOT to be worshiped and the silly notion that man can preempt God’s end or change the timing is truly a DERISION.

Summary: You can vote for whomever you wish. But if you call yourself a Christian and vote against the Gospel in the examples I gave above, you are discerned as NOT a child of God or a Christian. While other so-called “Christian” pastors waffle on this, I and actual Christians cannot. Your votes will be included in your judgment! I see NO semblance of Christianity in the liberal/Democratic Party. Don’t try and call yourself a Christian by voting for evil. Humanism and socialism will NEVER destroy God’s Kingdom nor will it ever be able to change God’s promises and commandments. If you don’t believe in God, I probably did not convince you of a thing. If you are parading around as a “Christian”, you will be discerned by the good or evil you are clinging to.

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