Grudges and Hatred WILL Consume you

First rule of thumb is that fallen mankind does not have a propensity for the good, but to be driven to the bad. We find it quite natural to hate, to have anger, and to hold grudges. And is not some type of progression, we begin at a very young age in this. We don’t need to be taught how to hate another or how to hold a grudge, it encompasses our very fallen nature.

Speaking from many years of experience, I can say a grudge and hatred will consume you if you are not careful. I can speak of one example which now I see as one of the lowlights in my life. A woman and her cohort scammed me out of many thousands of dollars. By the time I learned of the scam and accepted it as a scam, it was too late. But then I ensued on a relentless campaign to try and gain revenge. I held a deep grudge, again it was quite natural to do so in my fallen degenerate state.

It literally consumed every aspect of my life as I investigated the scam and tried to bring justice to what I saw as a grave injustice. I pursued the law, lawyers, and each day it was my goal to bring these scammers to their knees. By the time it ended, two years of my life was wasted! I almost lost my business because of being totally consumed in this grudge.

When God opened my eyes in the midst of this grudge, He showed me then it was very unnatural for a child of His to behave this way. He pressed me that I needed to forgive this wrong, and move on. And He really did not give me a choice or option, because He had just forgiven me for the zillions of sins committed against Him through Jesus Christ. God is NO grudge keeper or there would be no forgiveness.

If you are a grudge keeper, holding everything against another still, ask yourself if God should do the same with you. There really is NO argument you can make to carry on unless you are destined NOT to be forgiven for your own zillions of sins.

Grudges and hate are a waste of time and energy! Nothing good comes from them. Don’t waste any day brooding over an injustice, because God gets the final say!

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