Christmas Message 2020

This year, you may find this Christmas different than every other in your life, but Christmas has NOT changed. It still reflects and marks the miraculous birth and incarnation of Jesus Christ.

For me, I experienced this last year. I had traveled a thousand miles with my dog Leo so he could receive life saving treatments in Colorado. It would be the first time I spent this holiday away, but I knew I was not alone. God was with me, Leo was with me. And to be honest, it was the very first Christmas period of time where I felt at absolute PEACE. There was no drama to deal with my family, no pressure, nothing other than a comforting peace from God. A perfect time to reflect on Jesus Christ’s perfect work, and the blessings He just gave us, as Leo sat by me on the couch while I ate a Domino’s pizza. We had just went to a tiny church for a Christmas service, where Leo in the condition he was in easily navigated a dark stairwell and sat quietly next to me through the service. The peace God promised without total understanding, just enveloped me!

So do not worry! I suspect many will come to realize what I did last year and too will have a peace and stress-free Christmas. And like I did, discover maybe somethings you desire through this time were not providing this peace. You will find the simplicity of being content, and appreciate all the things God has gave you. Those you are able to spend this Christmas with, those you may have taken for granted, and even those who should be discarded.

On a special personal note, this Christmas I would like to thank all those who rose up during this time last year and unconditionally supported Leo and myself. Many looked beyond themselves, and provided what they could. The prayers came and they were ALL answered. Talk about adding more PEACE through Christmas! May God bless each and everyone who even by a simple FB comment provided comfort. It wasn’t the size of your gifts, it was the try! And I will be eternally grateful to those who did so, with MANY I would have never expected, but God sent you! Believe me, I wasn’t the only one who noticed, God did so as well! The awesome kindness of Leo’s heart was encapsulated by all these kind hearted people, too many to list. Some who never met Leo, helped without the slightest of questions or condition.

So my Christmas wish to all of those supporters is that you TOO will experience the peace and rest that God granted me last year through a perilous scary and very difficult time. If just for a few minutes, you do so! May God bestow His grace and mercy, may He give you comfort and peace, may He bring you much joy and happiness, and above all HOPE! And this is my solemn prayer that I ask through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Merry Christmas!

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