Pressing On

One of the falsehoods out there is “the devil made me do it” as an excuse why one didn’t do something or did something wrong. The devil doesn’t make or force anyone to do anything. Now he will tempt and poke mightily at times, but ultimately it will be your choice. And by that choice you are responsible.

We must press on always. I learned this valuable lesson from believe it or not my dog who was dying of cancer. He didn’t allow even a day to be wasted by using the excuse of his illness. He was always considerate as well in his choices, and never gave me something to discipline him about during those times. He pressed on like he always did.

In life we will receive many setbacks, bad news, things which turn us inside out. Those are the times the devil comes and says “what is the use, just give up already”. Some sadly listen to that useless temptation instead of turning to God, and they do give up, they make a bad choice which they will regret for a lifetime. The only thing we should ever give up on is pursuing and committing sin. In that case, the devil would be very disappointed that you did. You see, he won’t be around telling you to “just give up” when you are making those terrible choices, he is only there beforehand.

Wasting time is something we are all guilty of. We give up so many minutes of our lives on lost causes and minutiae. And as my dog Leo taught me, we can’t get those minutes back so don’t waste them on nonsense, on people who tear you down, who really don’t care if you are alive or dead, who cause you to waste precious minutes off your life. Always seek not to waste time. Imagine God giving you a total of 5 years more on this earth which certainly could be the case, or it could be even less than that. Not doing something, or doing something regretful will leave you with no time to rectify your bad choice.

In one my early blog posts, I wrote about the Ultimate Interview Question. In an interview the question often asked is “where do you see yourself in 5 years”. Well the ultimate question is where do you see yourself in 100 years? It will be either heaven or hell and the choices you make today are all careening towards that ultimacy. Have you put off that friend or family who has asked to share the Gospel to you? That choice is called wasting time. You can answer that interview question just one way and it is not “heaven”. So don’t waste time, place your faith alone in Jesus Christ today, take care of this before the clock runs out, where there are no more minutes left and all there is will be a Judgment Day in front of God where you will be asked why you wasted so much time.

Press on! Never ever give up!

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