When God Comes In

(A Poem – Summation of My Witness and Testimony in Jesus Christ)

They came from near and parts below
I really had thought it would make me whole

They lied, they cheated, they stole
I was desperate, angry, and feeling quite low

They took everything and left me broke
What a lonesome guy who should have awoke

Every lie they told and scheme I bought
But it was God who I should have sought

Empty promises and sweet nothings were spoken
While they left me in despair and completely heart broken

The days were dark and they seemed the same
My lustful sinful heart was only to blame

At the end was a back filled with a knife
But then God came in and gave me a life!

My new life started at a very fast pace
All was done by God’s amazing grace!

The vain religiosity, hypocrisy, and the fakeness of being kind
All because of being absolutely blind

Before it was dread and no delight
Now it was joy and hope in God’s great light!

Every sin committed I was forced to see
And at the end of my life was God’s mercy!

I rejoiced, I praised, a new heart beamed
The full realization of being redeemed!

No longer a wretch who seethed and scathe
A new creation granted saving faith!

My old life is gone and no longer I lack
When God comes in there is no turning back!

No longer a bitter rebel filled with strife
Just a humbled child with eternal life!

I really don’t know where I would be
Without Jesus and His awesome glory!

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