Following God’s Will

What is the secret of happiness? It really is no secret, but it is following God’s will for your life. You may have heard this a time or two, but it is the absolute truth. Following your own will is like going to the roulette table, you are making what is called educated guesses based on probability, experience, possibly advice from others, and the good old superstition which is crossing your fingers.

So when one comes along and advises you to stop following your own will and to follow God’s will, the immediate reaction in a fallen state is to say or think “HOGWASH”. “God? You can’t be serious. I will not trust in the unknown”. And don’t be surprised because many people who sit in the pews of a church also feel that way. They may externally look the part of a Christian, but when push comes to shove in following God’s will, they may not verbalize it, but internally they are just as the unbeliever because they are in fact unbelievers.

So how do we follow God’s will for our lives? The first thing one must do is surrender their pride and know that God is sovereign. That whatever happens, good, bad, indifferent, the total trust in God must be there. The false notion that God is only there when good things happen is prevalent and wrong. In every event, He is there. And if you pay attention closely, you will begin to know what following His will is.

God has given mankind an internal temperature sensor so to speak, an intuition, a subconscious voice which is our very spirit. He speaks to us through that spirit, our soul. In a fallen state, we ignore Him naturally. The heart and mind are fallen, thus we desire one thing, our self interest and our protection with is encompassed in sin. We are making educated guesses and just going from one event to the another in this self centered approach.

That internal temperature sensor for example will give us what is called a “gut feeling” that something is right, or something is definitely wrong. I believe this is God speaking to us. But it is only upon one being born-again, we finally begin to understand it. For example, let’s say you have a career change. Every part of your being pulled you in that direction. Or let’s say a person you fell in love with, every part of you is being drawn to that person for reasons maybe some do not understand, but you do. Not all desires are self-generated. We may think they are, but some are not, some of those desires came from God. And some are quite obvious, such as the example of falling in love, not in lust which would be a sinful desire, but in love with another.

God has graced man even in their fallen state to know right from wrong by His will. You don’t need to be a Christian to know that murder, rape, sexual immorality, profanity, theft, arson, etc. are wrong. You naturally feel guilt or that funny feeling inside you telling you “don’t do this!”. It is a matter of listening to that voice. And with a new heart and mind from God, being born-again, you will naturally begin to do so. Your natural choices then change to God’s will, not your own fallen will as in the past.

What may be a perfect decision on the surface, is telling you “no” internally, that choice then is made by following God’s will. You see, the external surface can be corrupted by the evil one, Satan. It looks in every way perfect, but God is telling you it is FAR from perfect, so what voice do you listen to? If we follow God’s will for our life, you won’t be led into demise and into sin. Following the external voice, we will always be led astray and crossing our fingers.

Simple Answers to Common Gospel Questions

Why do people go to hell?

Answer: Because God demands perfection in His perfect holiness and righteousness, He cannot dwell with sin. So the answer is sin. God demands justice on our sin.

Why doesn’t God save everyone?

Answer: Because He doesn’t need to, He is under no obligation to do so. If God determined from eternity to send all sinners to hell this would still be perfect justice. The lawbreaker cannot tell the judge what the terms of the sentence are.

If we need to be regenerated in order to believe then why are we responsible?

Answer: Because we sinned against God, we are held responsible as lawbreakers. We are pronounced GUILTY, and that is the verdict from God.

So how do I get to heaven?

Answer: By repenting of your sins and placing your faith alone in Jesus Christ.

I am a good person, I am not like Hitler or dirty criminals, so why wouldn’t God save me?

Answer: You aren’t a good person compared to God. The problem is you are comparing yourself to other sinners, God only compares you to Himself.

But I do so much good for my family, friends, and my community, so why wouldn’t God save me?

Answer: God demands a sacrifice from a perfect Lamb. That was accomplished by Jesus Christ, not you. So the good you think are doing doesn’t reconcile your sins. The reconciliation was provided by Jesus, so place your faith alone in Him.

My church has taught me that I need to participate in sacraments, rituals, and attend church to be saved?

Answer: If you could be saved that way, Jesus would have never left His throne to become incarnated.

So you’re telling me that if a good person in a remote village never heard of Jesus, they will go to hell?

Answer: Again, no one is “good” other than God. Secondly, what are you doing to help that person hear the name of Jesus and His Good News? Finally, again, they will go to hell based on their sin against God.

Why are you right, and my church be wrong on these answers?

Answer: This is where Scripture would be the arbiter, prove me wrong by Scripture, NOT by hearsay evidence which is not beyond corruption.

But look at you, you aren’t perfect, you still sin?

Answer: Being saved doesn’t mean being glorified in the flesh, it means that God has deemed me pardoned through Jesus Christ. No one will be perfect in the flesh, it does not mean I desire to sin, just the opposite. And the key component now is that when I sin, when the Holy Spirit convicts me, I repent of that sin. Salvation is not a license to sin freely, it is freedom from the ultimate punishment of sin which hell and the wrath of God. If I do sin, I am disciplined by God, just as a parent would discipline His child.

So I believe in Jesus, so why wouldn’t I be saved?

Answer: Believing in the historical attributes of Jesus while abandoning the redeeming promises is not the faith that saves. You must place your faith alone in Him that He alone paid your sin debt by His sacrifice on the Cross and by His rising from the dead, total trust in Him that you too shall rise. Believing in worldly depictions you see of Jesus, a painting, statue, a movie, etc, is NOT believing IN Jesus. You believe Jesus existed, you don’t believe He saved you from your sins.

But isn’t faith without works dead?

Answer: Absolutely! But works always result from faith, salvation. They are never used to gain salvation or Jesus would never had to sacrifice Himself, God could have just let you use those works.

What must I do to be saved?

Answer: Repent and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Is there a source I can go to so that I can learn these things?

Answer: Absolutely! Scripture! Start by removing EVERYTHING you have ever learned, what you have been told to believe, remove this from your mind. I suggest reading a Gospel account of for example John, and not like a novel, but as a careful study. Read it as if God is showing you this for the first time and has tasked you to teach others each chapter. Remember, do NOT import things you have been taught for example by your religion, let God teach you now.

But what if I don’t understand things?

Answer: As the man said in Mark 9, say this prayer “Lord, I believe, help my unbelief”. God will grant wisdom to all those who approach Him, the question is are you willing? Also, there is a Christian community which will also help, but always put Scripture as your ultimate source and remember man can always be corrupt, Scripture cannot. It doesn’t mean all man will not tell you the truth, it means they are capable not to. So keep Scripture as your sentinel source in this.

Where did the Bible come from?
Answer: It came from God, He is the Author

How do you know the Bible is from God?
Answer: Because if we look at this logically, the Bible’s text was never modified and it retained the same systematic string of God’s promises through Jesus Christ. The writers lived centuries apart, totally different eras, regions, etc, yet the string of the book is never in contradiction. There is no other work which could say the same. Let’s take the U.S. Constitution. It was developed by man because it needed to modified as time went along with amendments. The Apostles of Jesus for example did not go back and amend the creation account we find in Genesis.

How do you know Jesus is the Savior?

Answer: Because Scripture states this clearly and unequivocally. But if you want a logical opinion, ask yourself why after Jesus ascended to Heaven did the Apostles continue on, and then unto their death by torture, execution? There would be absolutely no reason to do so. If Jesus was not who He said He was, the Apostles would in their fallen state just go back to their old ways before His arrival instead of facing persecution and death. This would be normal human behavior, but in fact they did not stray off the message of salvation to their death which would be quite abnormal to fallen human behavior.

So which church should I attend?

Answer: First you will need to understand the Gospel. The church which you attend should be presenting the Gospel taught by Scripture. Just because it has a steeple, a bell, and bunch of religious pomp and circumstance does not make that church Christian. The discernment is always by the Gospel. Who Jesus is, what He did on the behalf of sinners, and what must one do to be saved which is to place your faith alone in Him. If there are things added or deleted from the message of salvation and if the things are being taught are not lining up with what you are learning from God in Scripture, that church should be discarded.

I pray to God, so why aren’t my prayers answered?
Answer: For a variety of reasons I suspect. The main one being God will not be a party to any sin, so if your prayer is to enable a sin or a lust, it won’t be answered. Another reason would be there are things we are not privy to from God, as He sees thousands of steps ahead of us. So pray that His will be done, and trust in Him.

Aren’t Christian hypocrites when it comes to living in sin?

Answer: There are many who have taken the label of “Christian”, but are still in rebellion to God, they have not been saved. They were told they were probably by a parent or a church, but never experienced salvation. They key I learned is how one responds to conviction and repentance. If they are told they are a “hypocrite” for example for a sin they are clearly committing, study their response when it comes to repentance. If they give you a fight? Then most likely they are a play actor of a Christian, not really a Christian.

Are you saying my parents weren’t saved, because they passed away and didn’t believe?

Answer: I couldn’t say, as some may at the last seconds of their life turned and believed, God only knows. But would you turn down eternal life if let’s say God told you they weren’t? Or you found out they weren’t, would you join them in hell out of pride? Because hell will be 1,000 times worse than your worst day you ever had, and it is forever.

God Has Already Judged You!

In common law, generally a defendant is innocent before proven guilty. In our case, the verdict has come in, we are ALL deemed sinners, guilty of breaking God’s laws. There is no more innocence. Remember, God judges to perfection in thoughts, words, deeds, actions, and even inaction. He doesn’t excuse little indiscretions, ask Adam and Eve. Their verdict fell on them like a hammer. And the same verdict was passed down to all their descendents because all were born fallen, defective, in rebellion to God.

No one needed to teach us to sin, we naturally broke God’s laws with ease. And sin is lawlessness, breaking God’s laws. Some by their fallen worldview look at sin breaking with a different standard. God must excuse the little indiscretions and just focus on the major ones. If that were the case, Adam and Eve would still be in Garden. Just view a two year old when for example they broke something in the house, caught red handed. They were told not to touch a certain thing, and they went ahead and did so. When confronted, their natural response will be “I didn’t do it” or they will like Adam, blame it on someone else. No one needed to teach them to lie, they do so naturally.

Some world religions attempt to pay as you go. They cast God’s justice system into some convoluted confusing mess. Look no further than Roman Catholicism for this. The Catholic will be forced to confess every sin they committed to a priest, in a secret form, a confessional box. The priest then hands them some prayers or works to do as to pay for those crimes. When and if the Catholic commits the same sin again, they are once again guilty, and the cycle continues. They then hope by the end of their life, they can keep pace with this fictional justice system so as to be forgiven and then gain entrance to the Kingdom. This is totally unbiblical! God’s justice and mercy doesn’t work this way.

Catholics for example are taught to believe they are still innocent in theory, that judgment comes upon death and then they will account. Again, if this were the case, Adam and Eve could have remained in the Garden. Also if this were the case, the great Flood could not have taken place, because God would have had to allow the sinner to somehow work off their sins by the time they passed away. Watch the reaction on Catholic’s face or someone caught up into a similar false legal system when you pronounce God judgment on them as GUILTY. The pronouncement of the verdict will be met with disdain, “how dare you judge me!” And your response can be “you have already been judged, so have I”.

Some believe that God uses a weight system. That committing lesser sins and being a “good person” in society, doing many good deeds even in Jesus’ name will then tip the scales of justice in their favor. They will be sorely mistaken! Don’t believe me? Just read Matthew 7:21-23 and see for yourself. Jesus declares the verdict, “GUILTY”.

So the bad news is the verdict has come in, you are GUILTY. The punishment for this guilty verdict is God’s wrath, and an eternal judgment of hell. So what now?

Well because there is bad news, logically there must be good news, right? Or it would be just news. The Gospel, which is Good News, declares that Jesus saves guilty sinners by His perfect work. God demands justice on your sins, Jesus paid for this justice with His life so God can grant you mercy. You did nothing, Jesus paid it all, what BETTER NEWS can there be?

So by this Gospel (Good News), the sinner places their trust/faith in one person, His name is Jesus Christ. By this faith, God declares you PARDONED, FORGIVEN. He can’t send you to hell now because the punishment for your sins has been completely paid for by Jesus. It is not because you were or are innocent, it is because you were granted a gift from God by Jesus Christ and granted FULL forgiveness of each and every sin.

By this FULL pardon, there is more Good News, God has adopted you into His family. The mafia would call you “untouchable” by the enemy so to speak, but God has deemed you saved to the uttermost. It is at this point you are deemed a child of God, not beforehand. God doesn’t place unforgiven rebels in His family, because they are still in their sins and working for the enemy. God cannot dwell in sin, so His merciful plan from the beginning was to send a Redeemer, Jesus Christ to pay the punishment in your place!

I ask you not to take my word on this, but discern what I taught here by Scripture. The evidence is all there, and hopefully you will come to same conclusion. If you were misled by the enemy, namely a world religion, abandon them! And then speak this Good News to everyone and anyone!

Is Salvation Going with the Flow?

The question is if a person can be saved by merely going the flow of a world religion, family, friends which seems to be the predominant mindset when it comes to things of God. The bandwagon fallacy being that if many people are doing and believing the same thing, then it must be true.
Jesus described salvation as a “narrow door” and “few who find it” and also described a wide road which leads to hell. The latter is the “going with the flow”. You know others or were brought up in a certain religion, you know you aren’t perfect but also think you are a “good person”, so that is as far as you want to think about it. You don’t want to upset your parents or close friends who are on that wide road and tell them the religion they have been encapsulated in is leading them straight to hell. Your spouse believes a certain unbiblical way to salvation, so you conform to that way as well. And this is why Jesus said it is a “narrow door”, because salvation is not going with the flow of a fallen world.

The ironic thing is that when it comes down to it, the message of salvation is uncomplicated yet so difficult for a sinner in a fallen state to believe. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. It isn’t believing the depictions of Jesus from modern society and world religions, it is actually believing who He is, what He did, and what He did on your behalf. Modern society and world religions have perverted who Jesus is and this message if believed will not lead your road to heaven with Him.

With the latest pandemic and its vaccine for example, the same type of people who are skeptical with these vaccines and study the effects, will not do so when it comes to what they were brought up to believe about Jesus Christ. They simply nod their head and get in line to hell because that is what everyone else is doing. And on the reverse side of this, some just nod their head to anything injected into their body since “everyone else is doing it” without studying the effects. Irrational reasoning is often employed in both realms as a way to rationalize.

So what should you NOT be doing when it comes to your salvation? Trusting mankind for one thing! Man can be a guide to the Gospel, but you always need to ask if the guide is telling you the truth. Rather trust the source which is found in the Bible-Scripture. Test and study what you are told with Scripture as the ultimate truth. By doing so, you will quickly discern the false teachers which are MANY, from those who are telling you the truth. Humans are flawed, even if saved. No one will ever know everything of God’s council, so never presume one does. When I see billions of Catholics just nodding their head with what a flawed pope says, that is a clear example of going with the flow. Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Lutherans, Muslims, SDA, etc. all have a similar bandwagon fallacy they employ. Many people are following it, so let’s just follow it as well. It seems very religious, moral, it has very nice people doing externally many good things, so it just has to be from God, right? Well, if you checked under the hood so to speak by Scripture as the authority, you’d quickly find out that you were wrong.

My conversion came by God removing ALL the clutter of my former religion from my mind, and just reading Scripture with He in control. It didn’t take long as I saw how terribly wrong I was and how horribly I had been deceived all of my life. So try this if you are willing. Ask God from your heart, “please show me Your way to salvation” and then try reading a Gospel Account in the Bible, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. Study the words carefully, remove every temptation to INJECT anything you have been taught or made to feel. I will say from my experience, there will be many uncomfortable things shown to you that will convict you. Somethings you will fight, because of your upbringing and worldview, but if God is opening your eyes, you will surrender and submit to Him.

IT IS ALL RIGHT THERE IN THE BIBLE, just waiting for you! If you do study it as I advised, you will quickly also realize many were taught just like you by God and the Gospel is universal. What do you have to lose? Well one big thing if you don’t, your eternal life. Why stay any longer along with everyone on the road to hell? It won’t be some grand party because all your friends and family are there with you, I assure you it will be 1,000 times worse than the worst day you had on earth and it will be for an eternity. So today, take that step towards the light!

Why Don’t They Get It?

You shared the Gospel to a very near dear friend, a family member, a coworker, and the response you receive is rejection, unbelief, and dismissive rhetoric. You know that this Gospel is Good News and it makes so much sense, but what is not making much sense in why they aren’t getting it. So instead of really understanding why they aren’t getting it, you unwittingly turn up the pressure because you may believe it was your presentation which failed. You think perhaps you left something out, or heard a sermon which might help, so you send more things. The person you are doing this with becomes even more dismissive, leaving you frustrated.

Let me quell your fears, the problem is not you nor is it the Gospel, it is the sinner you are sharing it with. They may seem to you better than you in society or in kindness or in empathy or even religious involvement, so you naturally believe and expect they are going to accept the Gospel and be as excited as you are, but they aren’t. It is not that you are better than they are either, but what you have and they don’t have is a new heart. You have been granted a new life in Christ, and they have not yet been born-again. So why do you get it and they don’t? Scripture answers this question.

1 Corinthians 2:14 “But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned”

If you have shared the Gospel from your heart, you will really come to know and understand “the natural man”. The best of the best in your life being a “natural man” will flat-out dismiss and reject your Gospel. They will argue with you, they will mock you, and some will even abandon you for good for even sharing that Gospel. It is all a part of the fallen nature. Before God regenerated your heart, you did the exact same thing and sometimes it is easy to forget this. You weren’t more religious, or a better person, or just more spiritually sensitive, it was done by the grace and work of God alone by His timing to His purpose.

When I was reborn, I wanted to shout the Gospel to anyone and everyone from the roof tops. I am no rocket scientist and was not in the running for “kindest man of the year” awards, so I thought it would be easily received by who I saw as morally better than I or religious. I was DEAD WRONG. As being a salesperson by trade, I changed my approach, I pressured as well, I sent Gospel tracts, sermons, Bibles, letters, and nothing worked. And then God taught me by Scripture what the problem was. It wasn’t me, it wasn’t my message, it was the sinner who was just like me who needed to be reborn. After that point, my frustration completely left as I trusted in God alone to who He would give this rebirth to, after all His ways are always going to be ultra perfect.

We must ALWAYS trust in God’s work and His word. The conversion of a sinner will NEVER come by you, but by the Gospel and God’s work on a sinner’s heart, just as you were converted. It isn’t going to come by a forced pressured decision “either believe this or I am done with you” either, because that sinner might very well then act like they believe to coddle your feelings, but they really don’t. You just unwittingly planted a tare into the Kingdom. And I see this type of tare planting occurring in the church at large. A fiery pastor may stir up some emotions, and ask sinners to come forward if they want to be saved. Problem is, they did not convert, they were caught up into the moment. So they being a tare, will eventually fall away.

Remember this always, share the Gospel and then get yourself out of the way. If it is God’s will, that sinner will be receptive and convert. If not, maybe God has another Christian in mind to witness the conversion. Or maybe it isn’t in God’s will at all, so trust in Him as whatever He decided will be one hundred percent perfect and good. When and if one has been reborn, when they hear “REPENT and believe the Gospel”, there are no arguments, no dismissing, no frowns, no lingering questions, they now have eyes to see and ears to hear and will accept the message with joy. We may desire all in our life to be saved right here and now, but our ways are not God’s ways, trust in Him!

Cancel Culture will Come After the Church

With the latest woke mob cancelling of Dr. Seuss books based on supposed racism, it is just a matter of time when this highly demonic mob comes after the church. Abraham, Joseph, and David for example owned slaves, so don’t be surprised when the wokesters try to cancel the Bible. Amazon being part of the woke’s arsenal will most likely stop selling the Bible and Christian books will need to come off the shelves. Am I exaggerating? Maybe ten years ago, but in the present culture it is not. The new satanic religion of wokeness has greatly expanded. They no longer just go after nativity scenes or the then commandments in a public square, it is anything which doesn’t align with a certain political belief. Where up is down, down is up, bad is now good, and good is now bad.

Wokeness derives everything off an emotional fallacy. If a certain group feels bad, then whatever it is making the group feel that way must be deemed racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. The fallacy being that just because you feel a certain way, bad, then everything you believe must be true. Imagine when the wokesters come after the church, with the Gospel being a sword. The cancel culture in this will be much the same as being conducted on individuals. A church’s finances will shut down, the congregants of that church will lose their jobs for believing the Gospel and speaking biblical truths. Don’t believe me? Just view recent social media, it is ramping up big time. Facebook and Twitter will block an individual for posting what they believe, and there are no appeals. Religious freedom is slowly but surely eroding. The demonic woke mob is gaining more power.

So what as the church can we do? Well, we can NEVER compromise, NEVER apologize for the Gospel. If cancelled, take it like Peter and John did in Acts 4, they held firm. The Sadducees tried to cancel them, they tried to get them to stop preaching Jesus Christ, and they responded in V19-20 ““Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you more than to God, you judge. For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.”  They told the Sadducees to pound sand. The trusted God alone and God saw them through. So must we do now! Don’t back down, don’t hide, don’t appease the mob, because this is what they want. Remember it is the Gospel which is power unto salvation, it will shatter the most evil heart. And the more who hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the better chance the demonic woke mob is defeated.

Lastly, make NO mistake, the demonic wokesters already have invaded the church. The social justice preachers are already in force, and so-called “Christian” organizations are already bending to the mob. A prominent “Christian” author recently was forced to apologize for his stance on same-sex marriage in 2004, and he sadly did. Imagine if Peter and John did that with the Sadducees, “oh we are so sorry, we won’t mention our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s name again, sorry to have offended you”.
During this REMEMBER 1 John 2:19 “They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us; but they went out that they might be made manifest, that none of them were of us.” Remember this when so-called Christians apologize for the truth contained in Scripture and those who surrender the Gospel to the demonic mob which is coming. You might be surprised as to who these masquerading Christians are as well.

During this time, BE BOLD, do not fall for the temptation to try to reason with demonic wokesters. That would be throwing pearls to swine, and like Jesus warned, they WILL trample you. Rather, present the truth of God, and trust in it. Fight against the imaginary Jesus being put forth by the wokesters as well. This fake Jesus will be fine with all sorts of evil and sin, and call evil good and good evil. Present to them who Jesus actually is! He is King of kings, and Lord of lords, the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY who hates sin, and loves righteousness. Don’t let the wokesters pervert His love as an appeasement to depravity and degenerate behaviors. It is time to get into the Word of God and really prepare yourself because demonic wokesters are coming!