Is Salvation Going with the Flow?

The question is if a person can be saved by merely going the flow of a world religion, family, friends which seems to be the predominant mindset when it comes to things of God. The bandwagon fallacy being that if many people are doing and believing the same thing, then it must be true.
Jesus described salvation as a “narrow door” and “few who find it” and also described a wide road which leads to hell. The latter is the “going with the flow”. You know others or were brought up in a certain religion, you know you aren’t perfect but also think you are a “good person”, so that is as far as you want to think about it. You don’t want to upset your parents or close friends who are on that wide road and tell them the religion they have been encapsulated in is leading them straight to hell. Your spouse believes a certain unbiblical way to salvation, so you conform to that way as well. And this is why Jesus said it is a “narrow door”, because salvation is not going with the flow of a fallen world.

The ironic thing is that when it comes down to it, the message of salvation is uncomplicated yet so difficult for a sinner in a fallen state to believe. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. It isn’t believing the depictions of Jesus from modern society and world religions, it is actually believing who He is, what He did, and what He did on your behalf. Modern society and world religions have perverted who Jesus is and this message if believed will not lead your road to heaven with Him.

With the latest pandemic and its vaccine for example, the same type of people who are skeptical with these vaccines and study the effects, will not do so when it comes to what they were brought up to believe about Jesus Christ. They simply nod their head and get in line to hell because that is what everyone else is doing. And on the reverse side of this, some just nod their head to anything injected into their body since “everyone else is doing it” without studying the effects. Irrational reasoning is often employed in both realms as a way to rationalize.

So what should you NOT be doing when it comes to your salvation? Trusting mankind for one thing! Man can be a guide to the Gospel, but you always need to ask if the guide is telling you the truth. Rather trust the source which is found in the Bible-Scripture. Test and study what you are told with Scripture as the ultimate truth. By doing so, you will quickly discern the false teachers which are MANY, from those who are telling you the truth. Humans are flawed, even if saved. No one will ever know everything of God’s council, so never presume one does. When I see billions of Catholics just nodding their head with what a flawed pope says, that is a clear example of going with the flow. Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Lutherans, Muslims, SDA, etc. all have a similar bandwagon fallacy they employ. Many people are following it, so let’s just follow it as well. It seems very religious, moral, it has very nice people doing externally many good things, so it just has to be from God, right? Well, if you checked under the hood so to speak by Scripture as the authority, you’d quickly find out that you were wrong.

My conversion came by God removing ALL the clutter of my former religion from my mind, and just reading Scripture with He in control. It didn’t take long as I saw how terribly wrong I was and how horribly I had been deceived all of my life. So try this if you are willing. Ask God from your heart, “please show me Your way to salvation” and then try reading a Gospel Account in the Bible, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. Study the words carefully, remove every temptation to INJECT anything you have been taught or made to feel. I will say from my experience, there will be many uncomfortable things shown to you that will convict you. Somethings you will fight, because of your upbringing and worldview, but if God is opening your eyes, you will surrender and submit to Him.

IT IS ALL RIGHT THERE IN THE BIBLE, just waiting for you! If you do study it as I advised, you will quickly also realize many were taught just like you by God and the Gospel is universal. What do you have to lose? Well one big thing if you don’t, your eternal life. Why stay any longer along with everyone on the road to hell? It won’t be some grand party because all your friends and family are there with you, I assure you it will be 1,000 times worse than the worst day you had on earth and it will be for an eternity. So today, take that step towards the light!

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