Following God’s Will

What is the secret of happiness? It really is no secret, but it is following God’s will for your life. You may have heard this a time or two, but it is the absolute truth. Following your own will is like going to the roulette table, you are making what is called educated guesses based on probability, experience, possibly advice from others, and the good old superstition which is crossing your fingers.

So when one comes along and advises you to stop following your own will and to follow God’s will, the immediate reaction in a fallen state is to say or think “HOGWASH”. “God? You can’t be serious. I will not trust in the unknown”. And don’t be surprised because many people who sit in the pews of a church also feel that way. They may externally look the part of a Christian, but when push comes to shove in following God’s will, they may not verbalize it, but internally they are just as the unbeliever because they are in fact unbelievers.

So how do we follow God’s will for our lives? The first thing one must do is surrender their pride and know that God is sovereign. That whatever happens, good, bad, indifferent, the total trust in God must be there. The false notion that God is only there when good things happen is prevalent and wrong. In every event, He is there. And if you pay attention closely, you will begin to know what following His will is.

God has given mankind an internal temperature sensor so to speak, an intuition, a subconscious voice which is our very spirit. He speaks to us through that spirit, our soul. In a fallen state, we ignore Him naturally. The heart and mind are fallen, thus we desire one thing, our self interest and our protection with is encompassed in sin. We are making educated guesses and just going from one event to the another in this self centered approach.

That internal temperature sensor for example will give us what is called a “gut feeling” that something is right, or something is definitely wrong. I believe this is God speaking to us. But it is only upon one being born-again, we finally begin to understand it. For example, let’s say you have a career change. Every part of your being pulled you in that direction. Or let’s say a person you fell in love with, every part of you is being drawn to that person for reasons maybe some do not understand, but you do. Not all desires are self-generated. We may think they are, but some are not, some of those desires came from God. And some are quite obvious, such as the example of falling in love, not in lust which would be a sinful desire, but in love with another.

God has graced man even in their fallen state to know right from wrong by His will. You don’t need to be a Christian to know that murder, rape, sexual immorality, profanity, theft, arson, etc. are wrong. You naturally feel guilt or that funny feeling inside you telling you “don’t do this!”. It is a matter of listening to that voice. And with a new heart and mind from God, being born-again, you will naturally begin to do so. Your natural choices then change to God’s will, not your own fallen will as in the past.

What may be a perfect decision on the surface, is telling you “no” internally, that choice then is made by following God’s will. You see, the external surface can be corrupted by the evil one, Satan. It looks in every way perfect, but God is telling you it is FAR from perfect, so what voice do you listen to? If we follow God’s will for our life, you won’t be led into demise and into sin. Following the external voice, we will always be led astray and crossing our fingers.

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