Can You Beat Death?

The question posed is if one can actually beat the death clock? The answer is no! Sorry to inform you, but we all face a 100 percent chance at death. There is no silly vaccine or thing you can do about it. I am not trying to sound pessimistic, I am being truthful. The most powerful and rich cannot beat it. The most religious and piously “good” will never beat it either. Our death is pending, it is coming.

So with this news, what is the natural common reaction? For the most part, some will say “yes, but not today”. How do you know? Some awoke today, and tomorrow their funeral plans will be made. It happens each and every day! Some will say “not me, I will live to 120 if I take care of myself”, again how do you know? Plenty of people in the utmost physical and mental shape have perished when least expected. You see, the general idea with death is that it only happens to the very weak and ill or the very reckless. I got news for you, or better yet open the obituary column in your local newspaper. You will find that death does NOT discriminate as you believe.

Because I believe in a Creator, an omniscient God, I can tell you that He knows without the slightest guess, the exact time of your death. That time could be today. As Jesus said “you cannot add a minute onto your life”. I think those diagnosed with a terminal disease come to realize this almost immediately, but why aren’t we all realizing this?

And with death comes judgment. There is either heaven or hell which awaits. You will live eternally in torment, or in joy with God. If you think I am wrong? Well, you have nothing to worry about. But if I am right, you have plenty to worry about if you have not repented and believed in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your church attendance cannot save you, or the fact that you thought you were a “good” person. The only way is by the saving work of Jesus Christ.

Some buy life insurance policies, but then sadly disregard their eternal life. As if after your death you will be able to control anything which happens. They’ll spend hours speaking with a salesman, gathering the best policy, but spend NO TIME listening to the Gospel. Sadly, many will awake after their death in front of a Holy Almighty God at which time they will see their eternal horrific fate in hell.

So if I have stirred you in any way, PLEASE think on these things today. There might not be a tomorrow for you, indeed again, many awoke today and there is no more tomorrows. Repent of your sins, place your faith alone in Jesus Christ! Seek your Christian friends out to help you study these things more, do not put them off any longer.

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