Fundamental Christianity

Upon my rebirth, I saw a coined term in regards to what I was witnessing, I was called a “fundamentalist” or “fundie” by some. I shrugged it off because if being fundamental means using Scripture strictly as the ultimate authority for the practice of faith in God and the sharing of His Gospel, sign me up! I take that as a badge of honor.

Modernistic “Christians” shirk at the fundamentals of the Gospel, because for one thing they aren’t actual Christians but are trying to play a part of one. They want Christianity to conform to the modern ills and sins of society, so fundamental basics of Scripture which do not coincide with this are rejected, twisted, and perverted.

If you are a Christian with Scripture as your authority, indeed you can go back many centuries to find a Christian who believed and teaches the same thing you are learning from God. That is the thing about the Gospel, its power to save a person in the first century is the exact same as it is 2021. It needs no refining, no embellishment. Jesus does not change according to the century, sin is still sin and the same sins are still being committed.

The applications from Scripture might conform to a modern age, this would be common sense. But the central truth of Scripture from that application does NOT change, it remains fundamental and essential. There were no computers just 100 years ago for example, but the fundamental applications from Scripture still can be applied to whatever the era requires.

The problem comes in when some try to change the central TRUTH of Scripture to meet the application which is always shown to be sinful. Gay marriage for example in the U.S., would be one of these circumstances. The only way for the application from Scripture to conform to that sin is by changing or perverting the central truth from Scripture. Many churches are under God’s wrath and condemnation for doing this, and Scripture actually warned us several times that this would come.

The hard truths from God’s revealed word will NEVER change, no matter what the sinful majority say or vote for. So we must always be discerning truth from error with Scripture as the ultimate answer and authority. Many councils for example convened through the ages under the veil of religion and pseudo Christianity to attempt to surpass the truth in Scripture. The council votes, and now it is a new truth while the sinner who is not discerning this by Scripture nods their head in laziness and pride.

If you are called a “fundamentalist”, a “fundie”, take heart! You are part of the Kingdom of God! You WILL be hated by the unbelieving world, you WILL be persecuted for those hard truths from God which are not negotiable. You may lose everything and everyone in your life on this earth, but they will NEVER take your eternal life way from you!

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