Is it OK to Complain to God?

Is it OK to complain to the Almighty God? My answer is yes and no. We read in Scripture of the right way to complain of our daily problems which would the answer “yes”, but there is never a time to complain about the job of which God is doing which would be the answer “no”.

If you are in are relationship with God, complaining our pressures and stresses to Him becomes natural. Granted He knows all of these things before we bring them up, but you are telling God “I trust You enough to tell you them”. So there is a good way to complain and it does it bring us closer to God because it grows our faith that He is listening.

There is also a bad way to complain, which would be questioning God at His will or the complaint being that He did not live up to your expectation or placing any blame on Him. Again, He knows of your unbelief, but a spoken word against God is called blasphemy, a sin. People nowadays throw God’s name out as if were nothing, there is no fear of Him. Each time we take His name in vain is a sin. Yes even the most prevalent “Oh my God”, that would be taking His name in vain. Or using Jesus Christ’s name as a curse word, that also would be taking God’s name in vain, a sin.

So approach God with reverence, speak to Him as your Father in heaven. If you struggle, it is perfectly OK to complain these things to Him. Ask Him to help you through these struggles, and He will. As your faith grows, you will find your conversations with God becoming easier, your prayers to Him are also easier. You won’t have to keep saying His name, as if He didn’t hear you the first time, you know He is listening to each word.

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