A Question of Faith

Luke 7:48 Then He said to her, “Your sins are forgiven.”

I posed a question to Roman Catholics recently, “can a sinner approach Jesus Christ directly for the forgiveness of their sins, and would He forgive them”? They need to answer “YES”, which is the correct answer.

But then they go onto say, they would rather approach forgiveness through their church, through their priest. Many are completely blind to this and their complete lack of faith in Jesus Christ. Why is it a complete lack of faith? Because given the choice of going DIRECTLY to the Redeemer, the Messiah, the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and a fallible church and/or sinner priest, the Catholic choses their church and priest instead.

They either need to acknowledge that they replaced Jesus with their church in this, or that they don’t really believe there is a direct access or if they do, they don’t believe Jesus will forgive their sins. Which means they don’t believe IN Jesus.

Any sinner has 100 percent direct access to God through Jesus Christ, 24/7/365, His office is always open. He can handle millions if not billions at the same moment as well in hearing a confession, in forgiving sins. He doesn’t need to eat, sleep, or a donation in order to do so. So why would someone who claims to believe in Jesus then seek their forgiveness elsewhere? It makes no sense, but you need to really think on the question of faith here.

Look at Roman Catholics, they claim a faith in Jesus Christ, but then seek a priest, their pope, their sacraments, Mary, RCC “saints” for the forgiveness of their sins? Their statement of faith in Jesus is unequivocally FALSE! And I for one am bold enough to state this. By directing forgiveness of sin AWAY from Jesus Christ, you are telling God that Jesus is really NOT the Messiah, that He is NOT the head of the Church. Roman Catholics have this idea that Jesus just gave up all His authority to their church. And there is absolutely NOTHING in Scripture which commands that a sinner seeks a RCC priest for the forgiveness of their sins through a sacrament. Every Christian example is a direct confession of faith to God through Jesus Christ.

The question is clear and simple. If you direct access to Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of ALL your sins, why are you not using that access? Could it be you really don’t have faith in Him, but displaced that faith in mankind instead? Yes!

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