There is NO Compromise to the Gospel

Philemon 1:6  And I pray that the sharing of your faith may become effective for the full knowledge of every good thing that is in us for the sake of Christ.

In today’s climate it should be increasingly be made aware to those who were placed in Jesus Christ, that the Gospel is under attack. This ongoing attack is not only coming from outside the church, but inside the church. The Gospel which is the POWER of God unto salvation can not be altered, it cannot be appeased, or compromised or it loses all that power of God.

The attacks usually come by the fallacy of an emotional appeal. “But why why why can’t you agree with me that your Gospel is much to intolerant and discriminates” is the main gist of that emotional appeal. The ploy is the compromise, to have you give ground on the Gospel to appease a sinful behavior. The next thing in this subtle attack you will always hear is “you aren’t the Judge of me, God is”. This is a true statement, however the clear response we can give always is “yes, God has already judged everyone of us based on our sins, as GUILTY, so I am just relaying that judgment”.

You must hold your ground on these emotional appeals. You will be called every name in the book, a “hater”, but in actuality it is God who truly hates sin and those false messages which sends sinners to hell. Many have this idea that they are “good”, since they did not murder anyone, they never committed adultery, or some major crime, which is untrue from a biblical standpoint as Jesus tells us even if were angry with another, we committed murder in our heart for example.

God NEVER compares a sinner to another sinner, He compares the sinner only to Himself. Thus there can be NO compromising by emotional appeals to the Gospel. He demands pure perfection from everyone. Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden for simple disobedience and the whole world fell into sin, while a Messiah, Jesus Christ the only Son of God left His eternal throne to remedy this. So in this climate, sin is sought to be relativized.

The plea in the compromise then comes “But but but, I thought God was a loving God?” This plea is also misconstrued, because it is true God is a truly a loving God, but this does NOT mean He discredits or abandons His own holiness as any compromise to sin. Again, Jesus left His throne not because God was tolerant of sin, it was because He truly is intolerant. And by that love, Jesus gave up His life to become the substitute for every sinner who places their faith alone in Him. So yes, it is TRUE that God is love just by this alone! And the fact that by longsuffering and patience, He puts up with our sin without His wrath immediately coming as He would be in the right to give by His justice. None of us would see another breath, if God wasn’t a loving God. So the appeal to that emotional fallacy must always be countered with the truth.

There are no back doors to heaven, no other ways other than through the person and work of Jesus Christ. World religions and unbelievers have fought this notion since the Garden of Eden. The world was wiped out from a Flood, and yet the notion lives on that other ways can be sought to gain entry into God’s Kingdom. The road is narrow as Jesus said, not wide. The narrowness comes only by placing your faith alone in Him! Do so, and you are eternally secure. If not, you will be boxing the air throughout your life while your world religion puts up road blocks. It really is this simple but oh so hard to believe for the fallen sinful heart!

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