Is Salvation All About You?

For many decades I was taught by the Roman Catholic church that salvation was all about me. That God would save me if I did these things they prescribed, if I cooperated with these inventions, if I was just more religious, if I attended Mass each Sunday without fail.

Notice the “I” in what I said? It was ALL about me, and ALL on me to get into heaven. Jesus was used a back story, that “He opened to door to heaven, now it was my job to walk through those doors”. As time went on, pride grew. “Look at me, and how much better than I am compared to you” was the mentality. I subjectively kept the commandments as Catholics are led to believe, that only the commandments such as murder and adultery from a human standpoint were those biggie sins we should never break. That if I attended the sacrament of reconciliation where a priest replaces Jesus and I confessed my sins, did a prescribed penance making it further about me, I would be then “good”. It was ALL about me!

It was not until God opened my eyes, regenerated my heart, that I learned almost immediately that salvation was NOT all about me, it was ALL about Jesus Christ! I did absolutely nothing in the salvation equation other than sin against God which made salvation necessary. Jesus did every last bit of the saving without one thing I contributed. It was not a 50-50 cooperation deal, it was 100 percent Jesus and 0 percent me. The analogy I give is that I was an unconscious dying patient, helpless, and Jesus being the doctor in the equation saved my life.

So when this all was realized, I understood completely that I could NEVER take credit for my salvation, not even an ounce of it. The glory went to Jesus Christ who is the only One who deserved it in the equation.

Furthermore, to give you an idea as to how Roman Catholicism really tries to eliminate Jesus from the salvation equation, many Catholics will try to say it is not all about them, but it is also about Mary, RCC “saints”, and the RCC who help them hopefully one day gain entry into heaven. But logic tells us it is STILL all about the Catholic because it is their job personally to utilize these false notions to gain entry into heaven. I can see the passage of Matthew 7:21-23 ringing true for this false religion, as many Catholics will be quite surprised on their judgment day why Jesus is calling them “workers of lawlessness”.

If you were taught that you could lose your granted salvation, that salvation does not come with eternal life but just potentially based on your behavior, again by this mentality you just made it ALL about you! Why? Because you are now trusting in yourself solely to keep that salvation by what you do instead of the person and work of Jesus of which would have saved you. And if this is the case? You are not saved, you are no better than a Catholic which believes this very falsehood!

When and if you finally understand that salvation is never about you, it is all about Jesus Christ, you can rest assured in Jesus Christ. You fully trust in His obedience, His righteousness, His perfection were enough to wash your sins cleans in front of a Holy God. You live your life not in doubting this, but completely at peace with it. You are not fearing your pending physical death, because your salvation has been paid for by Jesus.

Once you do get to this level of understanding, your view of God also changes. He isn’t some feeble old man as He is portrayed being whipped around by a world religion which tells Him what He can do or He can’t do, who He can save or who He must send to hell. You will submit to His complete sovereignty over salvation! And also know that NO man, NO world religion, NO decree from a “church” will change His promises or add to them or detract from them.

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