The Main Call of a False Gospel

Galatians 1:9 As we have said before, so now I say again, if anyone preaches any other gospel to you than what you have received, let him be accursed.

The main call of a false gospel from world religions is to teach that God saves the inherent “good and “godly” sinner. Problem is? There is NO ONE who is “good” enough by that standard. This would also contradict Romans 4:5 and Romans 5:6, but it does not stop these religions from continuing by the devil’s hand. It is the legalistic religion of the Pharisee, the foolish quest to be saved outside the Cross of Jesus Christ.

If you are to be saved by the law instead of faith in the work of Jesus Christ, Scripture teaches us that you must be perfect in every respect. “Be holy as God is holy”. And that if you break one point of the law, let’s say by a simple white lie, you break the WHOLE law from top to bottom (James 2:10 Galatians 5:3). Again, this does not stop the world religions in their false teachings that a sinner can be this perfect, or that the sinner can give it the old “good college try” and in the end God will save them.

Now this false gospel will also use Jesus as a back drop, mainly that His job in coming to earth was only to make it a possibility that a sinner by their inherent goodness could enter heaven. That if the sinner diligently “cooperates” their whole life with what that religion teaches as “grace” (which is not grace but work), they MIGHT be saved. Or it will teach that Jesus’ job was to show us as a good example on how to get there (The “What Would Jesus Do” false gospel). This false gospel trashes every bit of the Good News as it discards Jesus Christ’s actual work which was to provide a complete atonement of sin, and the sinner who places their faith alone in Him is saved BY HIS WORK!

The devil is the influence behind this false gospel of “self goodness”. He knows human behavior, and what our fallen nature naturally would believe which is not to have faith in Jesus Christ, but in our own inherent “goodness”. The calls are “to thine own self be true”, “you can do it, just work harder”, “it is all in you, you are the superstar, just bring that inner motivation out”. And these world religions parrot these calls to their parishioners. The sinner then by this demonic indoctrination may live a lifetime striving for heaven by substandard religiosity and subjective goodness as they see it, only to end up in eternal hell because they FAILED to place their faith ALONE in Jesus Christ.

The weeping and gnashing of teeth will come as Jesus promised with the sinner muttering to themselves “I just don’t get it, I was a GOOD person, I did everything my church said to do, I even went to church every Sunday, so why exactly am I in hell?”. There is one reason why they will be in hell, they did broke God’s law, and they did not achieve the perfection and holiness needed to pass His judgment. Jesus achieved that perfection, but they FAILED to place their faith alone in Him so they were never placed in Him. So it is off to hell! Sorry, I don’t do not make the rules, God did.

Proverbs 19:29 Judgments are prepared for scoffers, And beatings for the backs of fools

The scoffing and mocking and scorning at this message is as old as the hills. But the fact is a false gospel stands condemned. No human being will be saved by any inherent self goodness. A sinner who has been forgiven by Jesus Christ and placed in Him for an eternity has been saved. They were granted saving faith, they placed all this faith in ONE person, Jesus Christ. Believe in the Gospel!

So if you have been put off by all the hypocrisy of a world religion, you have every right to be put off. Discard that demonic influence nonsense in the garbage because it is pure trash from the put of hell! They lied to you and continue to lie about the path to heaven. Narrow is the way, place your faith in Jesus Christ, repent of your sins, and you will be saved. Have faith in His perfection, His obedience, His righteousness, and all this will be credited to you, this is the actual Gospel! Does it give you a license to sin? No! But it grants you the eternal freedom from the punishment of sin, GOOD NEWS. And by this, IF you have been saved, your new nature will not desire to sin, but to strive instead for holiness.

If you struggle in believing what I am saying here, test all of this by the teachings in Scripture and you will discern those demonic world religions leading sinners on a path to destruction. They may have all the pomp and circumstance, smoke and incense, fancy vestments, people on their knees praying, the flamboyant passionate minister complete with organ music and solemn hymns, but it does not mean they are teaching you the Good News.

You can foolishly be a failure and try to be saved by keeping the law perfectly by your world religion led by Satan which is never possible, or you can be saved by the promise of Jesus Christ which will NEVER fail you! Put it this way, God won’t be comparing you to other sinners on Judgment Day, He will comparing YOU only to Himself! So place your faith in Jesus Christ, by being placed IN HIM, you met the holiness and perfection standard needed in this judgment!


Matthew 23:27 “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs which indeed appear beautiful outwardly, but inside are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness.”

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  1. Warren here, judt read this truth from your book to jackie my wife, she said what a power truth and clear gospel message and really understood the false gospel of Rome

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