One of the Most Rejected Doctrines

Psalm 115:3 But our God is in heaven; He does whatever He pleases.

One of the most rejected teachings from Scripture from unbelievers but many world religions, is the sovereignty of God as revealed in Scripture. Ever since the Garden of Eden, Satan has pushed and pushed this rejection onto fallen sinners and has influenced all those fallacious questions about God’s characteristics, His Kingdom, His control.

The main attempt in this rejection by so-called “churches” is to claim God is really not omniscient. Meaning that He cannot know every single thing, just the big things. That He rolls the dice on mankind, and then learns from it, and then reacts accordingly. They will claim “God is omniscient”, but press it a little further and you will see the rejection when the attempt is made to say “God learned” or “God changed His mind” or “God is still thinking on who to save and when to save them”.

In that attempt, God is only involved in the big events, the major things, and ONLY the good things which happen in the life of the sinner and through the course of history. The twisted view of His sovereignty is to claim basically sin and evil have dominion over Him, because He is not ultimately in control of everything. So the bad events, well that is Satan’s sovereignty who controls God by them. All we need to do is read the Book of Job to see that is not true, as even Satan needs to get permission from God before he were to work on a sinner.

The rejection comes from demonic humanism, the idea that God’s ways have to be man’s ways. And God can only be morally right if He is only involved in good things. This also comes from a Pelagian heresy mindset, where there really was no fall of mankind. But the fact is every human being is born fallen, rejecting God, thus how else could He do anything to His will or purpose if He was not also in control ultimately of the bad? Or look at this way, God being omnipotent, all powerful could stamp out Satan and evil in less than a second, so why is there still sin and evil? The only way to explain this outside of God being sovereign, is that sin and evil are controlling Him, out of His control, He is constantly trying to stay one step ahead of it, thus there goes His omnipotence as well!

In this rejection, the biblical doctrine of election and predestination is negated for a man/God cooperative. God not being really omniscient or omnipotent in this rejection of His sovereignty, He needs to LEARN from man based on what man does, their perceived freedom must never be impeded upon. If God over-steps His bound, He is cast as some sort of monster, or robot maker in this mindset.

If you read Scripture by that rejection mindset I explained, much of what God is doing will be disconnected from a systematic context. Meaning certain parts of Scripture need to be skipped or avoided and other parts cherry picked out of the systematic context to make the rejection make sense

Now if you read Scripture with truthful premise, that God is sovereign, and He works everything, good, bad, indifferent, to His glory alone, the string from Genesis to Revelation begins to make perfect sense. Atheist silly objections for example can be answered, such as “why were there slaves in Scripture”, or “why did God kill everyone and everything in an entire country”. If you don’t see God as sovereign working everything to His glory alone, those questions will trip you up every single time. You won’t be able to give the atheist a coherent answer other than relativism possibly, that was then, this now, a fallacy which would also tell the atheist God is imperfect.

Start seeing God as sovereign over everyone and everything, and you will learn more on His omniscience and omnipotence which can never be limited. If your world religion treats God as a pet, put in a cage to come out and play when and only if He meets humanistic demands, LEAVE that world religion!

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