God Does Many More Great Things

Job 9:10 He does great things past finding out,
Yes, wonders without number.

I think every Christian is guilty at a time or two for not giving glory to God for all things. It is something we grow and learn to do as we are being sanctified. We may just realize or see the obvious great things God does, but not so much the little detailed things we often take for granted.

All of creation’s very essence is dependent on God. And I realized this more so recently, as my dog Joby was suddenly struck with a paralysis of his jaw. His eating and drinking and swallowing came to a dead halt, while he wanted to, a nerve opened and it paralyzed him. I thought how much we take for granted just being able to eat, chew, and swallow and a God who is in control of everything such as this.

As I mentioned, we realize those really big things full and well. We profusely thank God for them, but also need to thank Him for all those little mundane things which allow us to just function. We are able to breathe, function, think, move, etc. if we are in good physical shape. Those who have had health issues or have had a accident, I believe realize all those things taken for granted, and a God who can give or take away for His purposes alone.

It gives another reason to fear God, which brings wisdom as Scripture teaches. Instead of saying “if I”, rather start saying “if God so wills”, and make that a practice. Condition yourself to see God’s hand in EVERYTHING, the large things as well as the minute things down to the very atom and you will begin to appreciate more of who God is.

Sometimes God comes in as a whirlwind, a sudden stop to what we are doing, so as to appreciate Him more to look to Him more. Sometimes it is very subtle, always telling us “LOOK at these great things” He is doing. We will never know based on our finite minds every great and wondrous thing God has done, just have faith those things are always being done! God doesn’t take timeouts, He isn’t waiting a thumbs up or down from you. He is ALWAYS working out great things! Thank Him for this providence, protection, and safety and LIFE He has granted!

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