The Old and Odd Objection

A revealing odd objection which comes from what I call demonic humanism is the absolute Sovereignty of God’s salvation. Meaning it is God who chooses when, who, and how one will be granted eternal life in Jesus Christ by a lifesaving intervention called regeneration of the Holy Spirit.

The objection is beyond logic. Let’s take the example of an unconscious child in need of lifesaving procedures from a doctor or a paramedic. Would the same who object to God’s sovereignty over salvation, object to the doctor and paramedic? No! Would they object to being trapped in a burning house and a fireman without their permission storming in and carrying them out? No! Would they object if they were drowning in a lake, and someone dived in and pulled them out without their permission? No!

But the old and odd objection to God is that He must sit on the sidelines, He must wait until the spiritually dead and dying sinner who has NO ability to seek Him or have faith in Him, makes a choice and gives Him the thumbs up to save them. I hope you can see the contrast! By this odd objection it says everyone else can be a life saver, but God.

Furthermore it empties the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross, because it makes that sacrifice totally dependent on man to again, give Him the thumbs up to pay for their sins. Jesus died in vain according to this bad logic and odd objection.

I for one thank God each day that He over powered my fallen will in an instant, without my thumbs up or down. If He hadn’t? I would be still lost and blind following the apostate teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, still falsely thinking I would save myself by my choosing.

This is why it is called GRACE! If saved, you did NOTHING, God saved you! You cannot boast, because He did everything, you did ZIP, ZILCH, NADA. And once you come to realize this, how GREAT a salvation it is! Until then, you will be objecting to God and His sovereignty, falsely thinking that you can somehow save yourself when you allow Jesus the permission to save you, when you want, how you want, and where you want.

God’s ways are NOT our ways, thanks be to God!

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