Certainty over Truth – Part 2

Certainty trumping the truth happens in many aspects of today’s society. It is a religious mindset which is hard to break as mentioned in my previous article, making the actual truth the missed end goal.

With the pandemic we see the mindset of certainty trumping the truth. The science around COVID-19 and the vaccines have changed several times in the past year regarding this virus, yet some have replaced discernment with blind obedience to certainty. A fallible scientist says “masks saves lives”, and the undiscerning public immediately believes this without the slightest question. The vaccines were said to eliminate the virus, however this does not seem to be the case. But that doesn’t stop those in the “certainty” camp from still claiming that masks and vaccines are doing what the fallible scientists tell them.

When certainty trumps the truth, discernment ends. And any questioning will be attacked on that certainty. Despite the 1 percent chance of death in contracting COVID-19, the religious mindset is the opposite, it is more like a 99 percent chance. Again, the certainty trumping the truth disregards the truth that is merely 1 percent, and even much lower in children. Just a side note, but there is actually a 100 percent chance of death despite any virus.

An objective truth must have evidentiary backing in order for certainty to become realized. Without an objective truth, there can be no certainty. Silly but sad mind tricks must be utilized to bypass discernment into certainty. For example I can say “a mask cannot stop a virus because of the objective truth in the miniscule size of a virus compared to what is trying to stop it”. The reply will come “I don’t care, it is what the government said”. Or you have a better chance to get hit by lightening than to die from COVID without a co-morbidity condition, again the response will be “I don’t care”.

The other revealing secular certainty is on therapeutics. Hydroxychloroquine, a malaria drug, was seen early on as a useful therapeutic by some doctors. The secular media and certainty immediately rose up to defeat this therapeutic only then to acknowledge a year and a half later that it was useful. Now Ivermectin is under the same certainty scrutiny, “IT CAN’T WORK” is the cry from the zealots. But studies are slowly leaking out showing its overall use against COVID-19 while Big Tech and Pharma preach the certainty doctrine that it can’t work.

A person can be shown to be paralyzed or suffered a death after taking the vaccine, and the zealots will immediately cry “NO, IT CAN’T BE FROM THE VACCINE!”, all by the certainty doctrine. No questioning is allowed, no further discernment is necessary, according to the certainty zealots the vaccines are always safe no matter what.

Another secular certainty example comes from the phenomenon of climate change. The certainty now is that the world will end in less than 7 years based on what? A couple of politicians preaching climate change and an obscure estimate not based on actual science but a modeling from those who want climate change to be taken seriously. So the preaching from climate change religion ensues, and the congregants of this religion immediately rush to certainty. It reminds me of every false religious movement in the history of the world. “The world is going to end on such and such date”, and the congregants gravitate to absolute certainty until that date comes and goes. But some will also be so disordered in certainty to then buy a new date.

Some are certain that the United States is racist and oppressive, until the objective truth is shown by the comparison of countries such as Afghanistan where mothers are handing their babies to U.S. soldiers to get them to America. When that example is given, they STILL can’t believe the U.S. is not really as bad as their certainty claimed. They simple traded the truth for certainty!

Tying this to my previous article on this subject, do not trade the TRUTH in Scripture for secular man invented certainty. Always be discerning, question things, test all things. Do not be satisfied with a declarative statement, rather seek the truth. Because once you stop the quest for the truth, you become certain and ALL discernment will end. We live in a fallen world, man is fallen and fallible, capable of error and corruption. Test all things!

Certainty over Truth – Indoctrination Syndrome

Discernment and growth always stops when the truth is sacrificed for certainty in logic. As Larry Bird the Hall of Fame basketball player said “when you are satisfied with yourself, improvement ends”.

Every cult, every false church’s indoctrination goal is to lead the congregant on something called certainty in false teachings which cannot be found in Scripture and/or test out through Scripture’s doctrines. The truth is disregarded then for certainty at which time that congregant who is fully indoctrinated now will not listen to anything else.

Have you ever ran into such an individual? You present the Biblical Gospel and ask that you be discerned by Scripture, and no matter what the evidence you present, that person believes you are wrong. And they are absolutely certain that their cult or church is correct.

An example I will give is in a Facebook group, a Christian has presented over hundred flaws or contradictions from the Roman Catholic catechism against Scripture. The evidence is shown, and despite the clarity, Roman Catholics invariably will argue against it based on their indoctrinated certainty.

If you believe you are beyond correction, your growth will end. “The preacher told me or the church told me so, so that’s it” is the mindset in this. If Scripture is not your ultimate authority leading you to all truth and practice in your faith, you are not growing but actually dying.

By this, every statement of faith should be tested to its limit! Paul said in 1 Thess 5:21 “Test all things, hold fast to what is good”. How could this be done if there wasn’t an objective truth standard? And that standard is always the revealed word of God, Scripture, it is inerrant and the objective. Paul did not say “test somethings”, but “all things”.

If indoctrinated by a false church or teacher in certainty, the sinner will be shown to be non-pliable. They are above any correction, above any further testing. You could show them for example word for word from Scripture and the contradiction of their belief, and they will say “no, that is wrong”.

Eschatology for example which is probably the hardest doctrine to understand, good Christian folks will be absolutely certain that their 19th century or 20th century originated view is the correct version. They are unwilling to listen to any other interpretation because their preacher said thus. So at that very point, discernment in seeking for the objective truth ends no matter what further evidence might be demonstrated by the Holy Spirit.

If man is leading you in certainty to certain things, beware, you can be led on the path to destruction. If it is Scripture leading you to the certainty of the truth, you will be led by God only who cannot error. You see, certainty cannot be separated from that objective truth as an outside biblical tradition. Meaning, an invention of man is never certain! TEST ALL THINGS, DO NOT ACCEPT ALL THINGS!

By this, I am not saying certainty such as eternal assurance cannot be obtained, it can! But the only way it can be obtained is by the teaching IN SCRIPTURE where that objective truth is clearly shown. Certainty cannot be obtained if Scripture’s truth is not clearly and undeniably backing it up. So a preacher can teach certainty ONLY in the objective truths shown in Scripture. But don’t just take their word on it, study and discern it because many will pervert certain texts and ignore context. Keep studying and testing until that particular teaching is undeniable by the source of Scripture. Only then you can be certain. If the teaching cannot be shown in Scripture and does not test out, discard it!

The teaching in Scripture are immense, never be satisfied with knowledge because in this lifetime you will and can still be corrected by Scripture. You will never know everything, but keep striving for more knowledge and wisdom of which can only come from God. And more importantly know that your preacher will never know everything either, so keep testing, keep studying, depend ONLY on the Holy Spirit to guide you into that certainty which can only come from God’s truth revealed in Scripture!

A Major Blunder

Proverbs 28 12 When the righteous rejoice, there is great glory;
But when the wicked arise, men hide themselves.

13 He who covers his sins will not prosper,
But whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy.

My thoughts on the 13 service members and many others seriously injured in Afghanistan by the hand of evil, lead me to the disgusting reaction by our U.S. President and military leaders who basically led these men to their death. The clear blunder was to disregard common sense and then to try to rationalize and hide from it.

For about two weeks now, the reports coming from Afghanistan were a dire warning based on the chaotic blunder caused by an administration who is either purely incompetent or is just plain narcissistic. The hasty and reckless evacuation based on nothing but politics led to the sad death of service members and just more chaos.

The advice was given to not set a deadline and was rejected. Military equipment was left for reasons only known to these incompetent fools. But the greater sin was then to try to blame others for the chaos and the deaths and injuries caused by this ignorance. They half heartedly tried to take responsibility but then asked that others do as well for their own inept decision making.

Today, 13 families are arranging funeral plans for their loved ones while an administration glares at poll numbers and hides in their basement. Military leaders beholding to the military industrial complex pray that the war expands and continues. A clear and disgusting mess caused by what is said the most powerful country the world has ever known, which has now come to be a laughing stock, an embarrassment.

Let’s give an analogy on this blunder. It would be like NASA launching an Apollo rocket knowing that 3 engines out of the 5 engines were not working but did so any way which led to the death of the astronauts all out of expediency. And then NASA blaming others for the tragedy. That would be the end to NASA at that time in short order.

Scripture is clear on this, that whomever attempts to hide their sin will not prosper. I predict the politics will attempt a distraction until the next blunder. And sadly, the leaders actually responsible will never confess to their ignorance and incompetence. And even MORE sad is a public who will not hold them accountable but rather vote them back in confidence.

Sin Debt

Romans 4:4 Now to him who works, the wages are not counted as grace but as debt.

Every sinner since Adam and Eve has a sin debt. We are indeed all sinners with a debt which must be paid. It doesn’t matter if you believe your debt is smaller than another, just the accumulation of a single debt puts you in judgment against a Holy Almighty God.

So how can that accumulated debt be removed and the sinner then enter God’s eternal Kingdom? There is just one way, through Jesus Christ. Those who place their faith alone in Him have their entire sin debt removed! What better news could you ever hear??

The problem comes in with world religions as instead of the pointing to Jesus Christ to remove the debt, they remove Him from equation. The only ONE who can remove the debt, they cast aside for their own works. And then say “I shall remove my own debt”. They use Jesus as merely an example, not as a Redeemer or as the Messiah.

Legalists will also try to pay the debt by being subjectively “good” to the law. However, it is impossible to be this “good” as again, just one indiscretion lands you into judgment. Adam and Eve’s simple disobedience for example was enough for the entire to world to fall and a Redeemer needed. God didn’t say “I shall ignore My holiness and justice, and give you a second chance here”.

In Romans 4, Paul makes it clear that if you are adding your own subjective works in trying to win your judgment before God, that is ALSO counted as DEBT! In other words this is just MORE sin added to your accumulated debt total.

What is this debt like? It is like a credit card with a high balance which accumulates upon each sin with NO WAY to pay it back. By the works to salvation analogy, let’s say you send a check in for the minimum amount due, and the credit card company rejecting it, but you continue to send them checks, and with each check they ADD the amount to your debt. Yet, you continue to do so because you believe this is right or that everyone in your circle is doing the same thing. Each month, your statement comes, the balance increases even though you believe you are paying the debt.

Yes, that is how it works with God! Those who reject Jesus Christ and His work in place of their own, are ADDING debt to their sins. And many world religions such as Roman Catholicism but many others as well teach the sinner to in effect ADD to their sin debt, reject the Redeemer who paid all debt, and use your own means to attempt to pay it off.

A Christian is easy to discern by this. Are you attempting to pay off your debt, or do you have FAITH that Jesus Christ paid your entire sin debt off? By the latter, you would be deemed a saved Christian. By the former you are unsaved and stand in judgment before God and will have to try to convince God on Judgment Day that He should bypass His holiness and justice for you.

Friend, the answer is simple! The Good News is that Jesus PAID your sin debt! And it will be only by God’s regenerating hand that you will come to believe this. If you reject this Good News, it is safe to say at this point in time God is not drawing you. If you do believe He paid your sin debt and the church you belong to tells you “not so”, LEAVE that church today! Repent of your “works” and place your faith alone in the Redeemer, Jesus Christ!

A Glaring Problem with Traditional “Faith”

One revealing thing I have discovered since my rebirth has been the obvious lack of faith in God and His revealed word by professing Christians. In order for this traditional “faith” to hold firm, Scripture, the Canon, must conform to their humanistic view for that fragile faith would be shattered.

I argue for example that millions of Roman Catholics would disband any faith in God if their belief in how the Canon came to be was not so. Their “faith” hinges on the belief that the Roman Catholic Church gave the world the Bible, which is totally untrue, but that belief system is what their faith rests upon. Instead of just having faith that the Creator gave the world the Bible, His revealed promises through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit upon the writers, they choose rather to have a demand that it was their church who issued the Canon and chose which books were the Bible.

King James Onlyism has a similar problem Catholics do. I am not speaking about those who read only the King James Bible translation, but those who are cultic in this and would say it is the only translation of God’s inerrant word that is available and one cannot be saved without reading that translation alone. Funny thing is, my own conversion came upon reading the NIV translation, of which I do not prefer now, but it speaks to this falsehood of “onlyism”. Their faith rests upon the inspired word being preserved to the 16th century and then re-inspired the 18th century in a perfect English dictated translation of the King James Bible. They (cultist King Onlyism) would go further than Catholics however in saying that no one can be saved unless by reading a King James translation of the Bible. Disregard all the variants and additional words to the Greek and Hebrew from the original autographs, they claim the King James translation is perfect in form and any professing Christian who would for example read the ESV or NASB could not be saved but are reprobate.

Mormons would claim that their Book of Mormon was inspired by God in conjunction with the Bible, and that traditional faith is what they hold to. Anyone rejecting the Book of Mormon would be damned by this “faith”. Jehovah Witnesses also add a supplement to the Bible called the Watchtower which they view as inspired from God. Same type of traditional “faith” Roman Catholics, King James Onlyists, and the Mormons would have. All of which attack the centrality and sovereignty of God’s Canon.

The problem with these traditions is that each will attack the fact of God’s creation of Scripture and the total sufficiency of it. The lack of faith is to say God could not either preserved His word or choose which books He inspired, thus He needed supplements, variations, and man to complete this process for Him. Now these same folks would say “I truly believe in Jesus and the Gospel”, but the glaring problem in their actual faith is revealed on how they see Scripture.

When the fact is God did not come up with Scripture by a guess or by open theism. He always held the inspired books as His Canon from all eternity. He could use believers or unbelievers to say “this is God’s book” and it would still be God’s book!

One silly and absurd claim for example I have heard is that Martin Luther “removed books” from the Bible, as if he could do so! This again shows the little faith in God. As do you think for example if I or any other human being could remove a book from God’s canon without other ACTUAL believers actually knowing about it and condemning the person who did so? Let’s say someone took out the Gospel of John because in their opinion it wasn’t God’s word, do you actually believe the actual church would stop reading the Gospel of John as not inspired by God?

I don’t care if the so-called believer said they were a Christian for 60 years, if they attack God’s canon and the sufficiency of His word, I can see their little and fragile faith in God. If inventions on preservation need to be attached to the word, this is WEAK faith in God hinging on that preservation. If you simply cannot believe, have faith that God revealed His word and passed it down through the centuries, without having a humanism answer, I am sorry, but you do not have faith in God or you do not understand who He is.

God’s Plan Does Not Change

Ecclesiastes 3:14, “I know that whatever God does, It shall be forever. Nothing can be added to it, And nothing taken from it. God does it, that men should fear before Him.

We pray that God’s will be done not because it would change, but because it is an admission that we accept that it will not change. Demonic open theism which is a prevalent theology especially in the United States, says that God is changing from day to day. That He is learning from man’s “free-will choices” and reacting. This would make what Solomon declared by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit a complete lie since things could be added and taken away from He has done.

The core of God’s sovereignty is an immutable never changing decree. Absolutely nothing is outside of His knowledge. He is not gaining knowledge as time progresses or reacting to what mankind is doing or not doing. Open theism is opposed to this type of sovereignty and attempts to make God a willing servant of sinners. And make no mistake the path to open theism is always a free-will mindset, where God cannot impede on man’s perceived autonomous freedom.

Solomon says “that men should fear Him” which indicates that if you come to this level of understanding, that God has decreed absolutely everything from the good, bad, and the ugly, including every single mundane event, the realization comes on how powerful and infinitely knowledgeable God truly is. Hence, a health fear of the Creator naturally comes.

Every single breath, blink of the eye, and every bodily function for that matter of a human being was known by God, and in this, every single human being from the beginning of time. The simple division of a cell for example, God knows when the exact second it occurred. Why do I need to explain this? Because the open theism mindset attempts to reduce God to a human mind, the smartest human mind, but is always a reduction, a taking away from who He is actually is.

Take the smartest billion human brains from the beginning of time and it would NOT register on God’s knowledge scale! Just think about the simultaneous infinite amount of actions in the universe and how every single even is known by God before it happened and why it happened and the intricate diversity of creation and the universe. It should discard any open theist type of mindset at that very point. Remember, God is not learning or adding knowledge, it is truly an eternal encompassing knowledge.

Once you realize the Creator is this powerful, fear comes, then wisdom. If you are still trying to reduce God to a human being in knowledge, that fear or wisdom never comes and you will NEVER understand His mercy, love, holiness, or any of His attributes. If you see God as sovereign, peace and rest follows. If you see God as changing based on you and your perceived “freedom”, insecurity, depression, and anxiety are the fruits.

Do You Have Peace

Matthew 11:28 Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Ever had a sleepless night? I will more than bet everyone who has lived long enough can attest to those nights where you toss and turn, and no matter what you do or think about, it seems like nothing will allow you to sleep. You know you need this rest or you will be tired the whole day ahead, and the further you try to sleep, the more it seems futile. This would be just one example of having a restlessness, a lack of peace.

The lack of peace in one’s life can grow, it can overcome the person into extreme anxiety. A personal problem, financial issue, family problems, or health condition for example may accelerate this growth. More sleepless nights, more lagging from day to day. Sometimes it will become such a problem that you pass out or black out at a time when you should be alert.

Sleepless nights are a sure fire indicator that something is upsetting the peace in your life. Whether that be a relationship, a job, a pending health issue, and even your church involvement can be causing this upset. The problem is we tend to ignore the causes, and also ignore the remedy which is to focus on a Redeemer.

Sin is the ultimate cause of the lack of peace or the void of peace in your life. Anything which would draw you away from Jesus Christ would be that cause, thus leading to sleeplessness or restlessness the combined with anxiety or depression, it seemingly is hard to overcome.

Jesus uses the term “heavy laden”, meaning being weighted down. What weights us down? Sin, the cares of the world, the worries of life. So He promises that if you come to Him, He would give you that rest or peace which is seemingly gone. And Jesus is not saying “come half way”, or “come and go as you please”, He is asking for a complete submission in faith in Him. Only then will that peace truly come, you will be resting in His sovereignty because you realize who is in control, and that is not you.

And make NO mistake, even the ardent church goer, the Facebook Christian warrior, and even the Godly pastor can become restless where the void of peace is known. All because we are not yet perfect, as faith in Christ needs to grow. We all are guilty of taking our eye off of Him and onto the cares of the world and then wonder why we had those sleepless nights. So it is a discipline in your life which must be practiced. God will place worldly things in our path so that our faith grows more in Christ. He is always asking “are you going to figure this out?” Are you going to focus on Christ all the time or are you going to stay stagnant and come and go from the worldly and then to Christ when you feel like it.

Because if you aren’t growing in faith, that peace and rest will always be inconsistent. Some days it is there, some days it is not. So if you find yourself weighted down by a circumstance, run straight to Jesus, that rest and peace will come! If you don’t, expect that weight to double. Jesus never breaks a promise! Bring Him your burdens, your weight, and have TOTAL and COMPLETE faith that He will remove them!

How Can You Please God?

The age old question, “have I done enough to please God”. The answer from Scripture is a clear and definitive “NO!”. And it might surprise you that there will be never enough personal deeds or religiosity which can please Him. The Apostles realized this when they asked Jesus “who then can be saved?”. Jesus responded ““With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Ref Matt 19:25)

Recently I watched a testimony of a man who claimed he was declared dead for 20 minutes. It was compelling as he described being outside of his body. He explained that he was brought before a meadow at which time his whole life was shown to him, the good, the bad, the ugly. He didn’t see anyone but said someone (God) was speaking to him during this event and then told him “your time has not come yet”. And he returned to his body.

The man said he experienced a peace he had never realized before, and what he took from this was there was an indeed a God, and that there was a judgment. But sadly, he didn’t learn the lesson I believe God was teaching. As I mentioned earlier, the man took it as “do better”, “try harder”, “spend more time with my family”. Not once did he mention a Savior. You see, I believe by showing him his life, God was teaching him and probably more so those from his testimony that a Savior is needed. His name is Jesus Christ.

The pleasing of God comes in only one fashion, faith in His Son Jesus Christ and all that He is and what He had done. You will NEVER please God outside of this. Helping others without faith in Jesus? You are pleasing yourself, not God. Doing good deeds and religious works? Also, you are not pleasing God, but only yourself.

You see? Jesus Christ, the Redeemer, the Savior gave up His life on your behalf. You did nothing, and He paid your sin debt. There is no good deed you could possibly add to His work, and there is no deed you could do to replace what Jesus did either.

There are going to be a lot of sinners on the day of their death surprised why God is not going to show Himself, just as that man’s testimony. You will be ushered into an existence without God, into an eternal torment. Your pride, your unbelief, your trying to save yourself will all lead up to that moment. You could not believe that Jesus’ perfect work could save you, so you will be judged by your life of sin.

No one deserves salvation or redemption! If Adam and Eve could be ushered out of the Garden for simple disobedience, what makes you think you can bypass God’s justice?

There is just one way to eternal life, by faith alone in Jesus Christ. Remember what is IMPOSSIBLE for man, is POSSIBLE with God. Your works to save yourself never pleased God, it will only be pleasing to Him if you believe in the ONE person who can save you, His name is Jesus!

Are You in Christ?

Many following world religions were told at some point in their life that they were in fact a “Christian”. They were told this by their world religion, a parent, a pastor, a friend, not by God. So all their life, whether they admit it or not, they sense a feeling of pure emptiness, insecurity, and confusion having never really realized what it means to be placed in Christ. The sentiment is “don’t worry, you are going to heaven, you are good person”. But the sinner, still fallen in nature, in the back of their mind is naturally questioning this.

The questions mainly are “have I done enough to please God?”. And if you read and study and believe Scripture, that answer would be an eternally NO! Put it this way, you could do over a million good deeds in this world, and it wouldn’t wipe away just one white lie or lustful thought on your sin record. But every false religion will tell the sinner to “work harder”, “believe more in yourself”.

Roman Catholics for example head to the confessional box, and believe by confessing the sins they can admit to and remember, while paying a penance of prayer should pay the debt. But it didn’t pay a thing! It gives them a temporary sense of righteousness, fleeting in every way. And if being honest, they would need to admit that they are not so sure God had let them off the hook this way. A good rule of thumb with Catholics, the more church going they are, most likely the more sinful life they are leading. They are using their church attendance as an off-set to their sins.

Having not been placed in Christ, the misery and confusion of a pending judgment weighs on a sinner’s mind. They were told “you are a Christian”, but that darkness in the emptiness is still there and growing by the decade. As death is surely coming, they are crossing their fingers that the scales of justice tip in their favor. Sadly this is the state of many churches and religions who have placed a sinner on this absurd path.

The placing of a sinner in Christ happens only by the hand of God. The sinner who has been saved, realizes this at their very core knowing what Jesus Christ did on their behalf which is the payment of their entire sin debt. There is a peace without total understanding which comes. An eternal rest is also realized, knowing that whatever the case may be, the end will only result in eternal life with Jesus. The Good News is praised, it is shared, it is shouted to everyone and anyone.

When and if you are placed in Christ, His righteousness has been credited to you! You did nothing, you said nothing, God granted you this most precious gift of eternal life. By this, He also granted you faith, saving faith in one person, Jesus Christ. Placed in Him, Scripturally means “set-apart” or “sanctified”. Now you have the perfection and righteousness of Christ, thus you have met God’s standard of holiness. So now you are banking on Christ, NOT IN YOURSELF, thus as Eph 2:8-9 teaches us “by grace through faith you have been saved, not of works”. That faith is in Christ alone.

If placed in Christ, there is no confusion, there is no emptiness. It doesn’t give you a license to sin away freely as some will accuse you of. It is knowing that sin now will never separate you from Christ. You realize what Christ did on your behalf, so sinning is now the least desired notion. You are not desiring holiness to be eventually saved, you desire it out of a new nature, a desire for holiness, not sin. It is a resultant effect of being placed in Christ. You know that if you stumble, that sin was paid for, and you repent naturally of it as a result.

If you are still confused, empty, insecure, uncertain, while doing all these things your church or religion prescribed, ask yourself if you are really in Christ. Probably the BEST thing you could do is to repent and leave that false religion and ask God to enlighten you to His Son Jesus Christ. If you stay in the uncertainty and confusion out of pride, don’t expect it to ever leave you and in the end, eternal hell is your destination.


Is Salvation a Reward or a Gift

Every false world religion such as Roman Catholicism teaches salvation as a reward, Scripture defines salvation as a gift. What is the difference, you ask?

A “reward” is defined as “a thing given in recognition of one’s service, effort, or achievement.” A gift is defined as “a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present”. So the difference is quite clear, the one who views salvation as a reward is working for their salvation, where as one who believes salvation as a gift also believes that gift was given unconditionally or not on the basis of any work.

Those is the “rewards” camp view their church attendance, religiosity, their “charitable” works, their inherent goodness, and subjective moral obedience, as all giving God a basis to reward them, to give them salvation based on their effort, service to Him, and their various subjective achievement. In the end, they view God weighing all these things against their sins, and if the scale tips in their favor, God will reward them with eternal life. Every world religion will pervert Scripture or disregard it all together to preach this demonic humanism. This rewards camp basically eliminates the person and work of Jesus Christ in favor for their own.

The problem is, Scripture does not teach salvation as a reward, it never did. Romans 5:6 “For when we were still without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly. For scarcely for a righteous man will one die; yet perhaps for a good man someone would even dare to die. But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Scripture teaches that God saves the “ungodly” sinner, not the godly, so what does this mean? It means that when and if you are saved, you did nothing, Jesus Christ did it all in your place. Thus salvation is always a GIFT, never a reward. Because salvation is a GIFT, it means you did not deserve it! By grace alone God granted it. And since it is a gift, as Romans 3:27 and Ephesians 2:9 clear teach us, that the one granted this gift of salvation can NEVER boast. They can never boast, because they achieved nothing, they gave zero effort, they did not serve God, and the gift was granted.

Which camp are you in? The rewards camp whose end is eternal hell, or on the gift road, the narrow way which ends in eternal life with Jesus Christ.