Do You Have Peace

Matthew 11:28 Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Ever had a sleepless night? I will more than bet everyone who has lived long enough can attest to those nights where you toss and turn, and no matter what you do or think about, it seems like nothing will allow you to sleep. You know you need this rest or you will be tired the whole day ahead, and the further you try to sleep, the more it seems futile. This would be just one example of having a restlessness, a lack of peace.

The lack of peace in one’s life can grow, it can overcome the person into extreme anxiety. A personal problem, financial issue, family problems, or health condition for example may accelerate this growth. More sleepless nights, more lagging from day to day. Sometimes it will become such a problem that you pass out or black out at a time when you should be alert.

Sleepless nights are a sure fire indicator that something is upsetting the peace in your life. Whether that be a relationship, a job, a pending health issue, and even your church involvement can be causing this upset. The problem is we tend to ignore the causes, and also ignore the remedy which is to focus on a Redeemer.

Sin is the ultimate cause of the lack of peace or the void of peace in your life. Anything which would draw you away from Jesus Christ would be that cause, thus leading to sleeplessness or restlessness the combined with anxiety or depression, it seemingly is hard to overcome.

Jesus uses the term “heavy laden”, meaning being weighted down. What weights us down? Sin, the cares of the world, the worries of life. So He promises that if you come to Him, He would give you that rest or peace which is seemingly gone. And Jesus is not saying “come half way”, or “come and go as you please”, He is asking for a complete submission in faith in Him. Only then will that peace truly come, you will be resting in His sovereignty because you realize who is in control, and that is not you.

And make NO mistake, even the ardent church goer, the Facebook Christian warrior, and even the Godly pastor can become restless where the void of peace is known. All because we are not yet perfect, as faith in Christ needs to grow. We all are guilty of taking our eye off of Him and onto the cares of the world and then wonder why we had those sleepless nights. So it is a discipline in your life which must be practiced. God will place worldly things in our path so that our faith grows more in Christ. He is always asking “are you going to figure this out?” Are you going to focus on Christ all the time or are you going to stay stagnant and come and go from the worldly and then to Christ when you feel like it.

Because if you aren’t growing in faith, that peace and rest will always be inconsistent. Some days it is there, some days it is not. So if you find yourself weighted down by a circumstance, run straight to Jesus, that rest and peace will come! If you don’t, expect that weight to double. Jesus never breaks a promise! Bring Him your burdens, your weight, and have TOTAL and COMPLETE faith that He will remove them!

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