God’s Plan Does Not Change

Ecclesiastes 3:14, “I know that whatever God does, It shall be forever. Nothing can be added to it, And nothing taken from it. God does it, that men should fear before Him.

We pray that God’s will be done not because it would change, but because it is an admission that we accept that it will not change. Demonic open theism which is a prevalent theology especially in the United States, says that God is changing from day to day. That He is learning from man’s “free-will choices” and reacting. This would make what Solomon declared by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit a complete lie since things could be added and taken away from He has done.

The core of God’s sovereignty is an immutable never changing decree. Absolutely nothing is outside of His knowledge. He is not gaining knowledge as time progresses or reacting to what mankind is doing or not doing. Open theism is opposed to this type of sovereignty and attempts to make God a willing servant of sinners. And make no mistake the path to open theism is always a free-will mindset, where God cannot impede on man’s perceived autonomous freedom.

Solomon says “that men should fear Him” which indicates that if you come to this level of understanding, that God has decreed absolutely everything from the good, bad, and the ugly, including every single mundane event, the realization comes on how powerful and infinitely knowledgeable God truly is. Hence, a health fear of the Creator naturally comes.

Every single breath, blink of the eye, and every bodily function for that matter of a human being was known by God, and in this, every single human being from the beginning of time. The simple division of a cell for example, God knows when the exact second it occurred. Why do I need to explain this? Because the open theism mindset attempts to reduce God to a human mind, the smartest human mind, but is always a reduction, a taking away from who He is actually is.

Take the smartest billion human brains from the beginning of time and it would NOT register on God’s knowledge scale! Just think about the simultaneous infinite amount of actions in the universe and how every single even is known by God before it happened and why it happened and the intricate diversity of creation and the universe. It should discard any open theist type of mindset at that very point. Remember, God is not learning or adding knowledge, it is truly an eternal encompassing knowledge.

Once you realize the Creator is this powerful, fear comes, then wisdom. If you are still trying to reduce God to a human being in knowledge, that fear or wisdom never comes and you will NEVER understand His mercy, love, holiness, or any of His attributes. If you see God as sovereign, peace and rest follows. If you see God as changing based on you and your perceived “freedom”, insecurity, depression, and anxiety are the fruits.

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