A Glaring Problem with Traditional “Faith”

One revealing thing I have discovered since my rebirth has been the obvious lack of faith in God and His revealed word by professing Christians. In order for this traditional “faith” to hold firm, Scripture, the Canon, must conform to their humanistic view for that fragile faith would be shattered.

I argue for example that millions of Roman Catholics would disband any faith in God if their belief in how the Canon came to be was not so. Their “faith” hinges on the belief that the Roman Catholic Church gave the world the Bible, which is totally untrue, but that belief system is what their faith rests upon. Instead of just having faith that the Creator gave the world the Bible, His revealed promises through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit upon the writers, they choose rather to have a demand that it was their church who issued the Canon and chose which books were the Bible.

King James Onlyism has a similar problem Catholics do. I am not speaking about those who read only the King James Bible translation, but those who are cultic in this and would say it is the only translation of God’s inerrant word that is available and one cannot be saved without reading that translation alone. Funny thing is, my own conversion came upon reading the NIV translation, of which I do not prefer now, but it speaks to this falsehood of “onlyism”. Their faith rests upon the inspired word being preserved to the 16th century and then re-inspired the 18th century in a perfect English dictated translation of the King James Bible. They (cultist King Onlyism) would go further than Catholics however in saying that no one can be saved unless by reading a King James translation of the Bible. Disregard all the variants and additional words to the Greek and Hebrew from the original autographs, they claim the King James translation is perfect in form and any professing Christian who would for example read the ESV or NASB could not be saved but are reprobate.

Mormons would claim that their Book of Mormon was inspired by God in conjunction with the Bible, and that traditional faith is what they hold to. Anyone rejecting the Book of Mormon would be damned by this “faith”. Jehovah Witnesses also add a supplement to the Bible called the Watchtower which they view as inspired from God. Same type of traditional “faith” Roman Catholics, King James Onlyists, and the Mormons would have. All of which attack the centrality and sovereignty of God’s Canon.

The problem with these traditions is that each will attack the fact of God’s creation of Scripture and the total sufficiency of it. The lack of faith is to say God could not either preserved His word or choose which books He inspired, thus He needed supplements, variations, and man to complete this process for Him. Now these same folks would say “I truly believe in Jesus and the Gospel”, but the glaring problem in their actual faith is revealed on how they see Scripture.

When the fact is God did not come up with Scripture by a guess or by open theism. He always held the inspired books as His Canon from all eternity. He could use believers or unbelievers to say “this is God’s book” and it would still be God’s book!

One silly and absurd claim for example I have heard is that Martin Luther “removed books” from the Bible, as if he could do so! This again shows the little faith in God. As do you think for example if I or any other human being could remove a book from God’s canon without other ACTUAL believers actually knowing about it and condemning the person who did so? Let’s say someone took out the Gospel of John because in their opinion it wasn’t God’s word, do you actually believe the actual church would stop reading the Gospel of John as not inspired by God?

I don’t care if the so-called believer said they were a Christian for 60 years, if they attack God’s canon and the sufficiency of His word, I can see their little and fragile faith in God. If inventions on preservation need to be attached to the word, this is WEAK faith in God hinging on that preservation. If you simply cannot believe, have faith that God revealed His word and passed it down through the centuries, without having a humanism answer, I am sorry, but you do not have faith in God or you do not understand who He is.

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