A Major Blunder

Proverbs 28 12 When the righteous rejoice, there is great glory;
But when the wicked arise, men hide themselves.

13 He who covers his sins will not prosper,
But whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy.

My thoughts on the 13 service members and many others seriously injured in Afghanistan by the hand of evil, lead me to the disgusting reaction by our U.S. President and military leaders who basically led these men to their death. The clear blunder was to disregard common sense and then to try to rationalize and hide from it.

For about two weeks now, the reports coming from Afghanistan were a dire warning based on the chaotic blunder caused by an administration who is either purely incompetent or is just plain narcissistic. The hasty and reckless evacuation based on nothing but politics led to the sad death of service members and just more chaos.

The advice was given to not set a deadline and was rejected. Military equipment was left for reasons only known to these incompetent fools. But the greater sin was then to try to blame others for the chaos and the deaths and injuries caused by this ignorance. They half heartedly tried to take responsibility but then asked that others do as well for their own inept decision making.

Today, 13 families are arranging funeral plans for their loved ones while an administration glares at poll numbers and hides in their basement. Military leaders beholding to the military industrial complex pray that the war expands and continues. A clear and disgusting mess caused by what is said the most powerful country the world has ever known, which has now come to be a laughing stock, an embarrassment.

Let’s give an analogy on this blunder. It would be like NASA launching an Apollo rocket knowing that 3 engines out of the 5 engines were not working but did so any way which led to the death of the astronauts all out of expediency. And then NASA blaming others for the tragedy. That would be the end to NASA at that time in short order.

Scripture is clear on this, that whomever attempts to hide their sin will not prosper. I predict the politics will attempt a distraction until the next blunder. And sadly, the leaders actually responsible will never confess to their ignorance and incompetence. And even MORE sad is a public who will not hold them accountable but rather vote them back in confidence.

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