Certainty over Truth – Part 2

Certainty trumping the truth happens in many aspects of today’s society. It is a religious mindset which is hard to break as mentioned in my previous article, making the actual truth the missed end goal.

With the pandemic we see the mindset of certainty trumping the truth. The science around COVID-19 and the vaccines have changed several times in the past year regarding this virus, yet some have replaced discernment with blind obedience to certainty. A fallible scientist says “masks saves lives”, and the undiscerning public immediately believes this without the slightest question. The vaccines were said to eliminate the virus, however this does not seem to be the case. But that doesn’t stop those in the “certainty” camp from still claiming that masks and vaccines are doing what the fallible scientists tell them.

When certainty trumps the truth, discernment ends. And any questioning will be attacked on that certainty. Despite the 1 percent chance of death in contracting COVID-19, the religious mindset is the opposite, it is more like a 99 percent chance. Again, the certainty trumping the truth disregards the truth that is merely 1 percent, and even much lower in children. Just a side note, but there is actually a 100 percent chance of death despite any virus.

An objective truth must have evidentiary backing in order for certainty to become realized. Without an objective truth, there can be no certainty. Silly but sad mind tricks must be utilized to bypass discernment into certainty. For example I can say “a mask cannot stop a virus because of the objective truth in the miniscule size of a virus compared to what is trying to stop it”. The reply will come “I don’t care, it is what the government said”. Or you have a better chance to get hit by lightening than to die from COVID without a co-morbidity condition, again the response will be “I don’t care”.

The other revealing secular certainty is on therapeutics. Hydroxychloroquine, a malaria drug, was seen early on as a useful therapeutic by some doctors. The secular media and certainty immediately rose up to defeat this therapeutic only then to acknowledge a year and a half later that it was useful. Now Ivermectin is under the same certainty scrutiny, “IT CAN’T WORK” is the cry from the zealots. But studies are slowly leaking out showing its overall use against COVID-19 while Big Tech and Pharma preach the certainty doctrine that it can’t work.

A person can be shown to be paralyzed or suffered a death after taking the vaccine, and the zealots will immediately cry “NO, IT CAN’T BE FROM THE VACCINE!”, all by the certainty doctrine. No questioning is allowed, no further discernment is necessary, according to the certainty zealots the vaccines are always safe no matter what.

Another secular certainty example comes from the phenomenon of climate change. The certainty now is that the world will end in less than 7 years based on what? A couple of politicians preaching climate change and an obscure estimate not based on actual science but a modeling from those who want climate change to be taken seriously. So the preaching from climate change religion ensues, and the congregants of this religion immediately rush to certainty. It reminds me of every false religious movement in the history of the world. “The world is going to end on such and such date”, and the congregants gravitate to absolute certainty until that date comes and goes. But some will also be so disordered in certainty to then buy a new date.

Some are certain that the United States is racist and oppressive, until the objective truth is shown by the comparison of countries such as Afghanistan where mothers are handing their babies to U.S. soldiers to get them to America. When that example is given, they STILL can’t believe the U.S. is not really as bad as their certainty claimed. They simple traded the truth for certainty!

Tying this to my previous article on this subject, do not trade the TRUTH in Scripture for secular man invented certainty. Always be discerning, question things, test all things. Do not be satisfied with a declarative statement, rather seek the truth. Because once you stop the quest for the truth, you become certain and ALL discernment will end. We live in a fallen world, man is fallen and fallible, capable of error and corruption. Test all things!

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