The Other Jesus

Jesus of the Bible is described much differently by many churches, people, society, etc. He is the American “Jesus” or a political party’s “Jesus”, a Jesus who can’t save sinners, a Jesus reduced to demonic humanism and a finite existence, a social justice Jesus, a mystical wafer Jesus, a mommy’s boy Jesus, a sissified Jesus who conforms to sin and appeases sin, and probably the most disgusting form of these inventions of Jesus is the one who loses sinners to hell whom He saved.

Yes, society has many different forms of a Jesus all of which are not biblically backed up, but are inventions. The inventions are invoked in my view by Satan and then carried out by sinners eager to change the biblical record to suit their lust for sins. Asking one to back up the invention biblically will quickly discern the other “Jesus” as false.

Yesterday for example in a comment I made about the recent Texas abortion law, a man came on to challenge my assertion that abortion is murder. He invoked another Jesus who would use murder of children to remedy poverty. When asked to prove this biblically, the man quickly folded.

Roman Catholics and others believe another Jesus who loses sinners He chose to save to hell. Forget about John 6:37 for example where Jesus unequivocally promised He would lose NONE given to Him, Catholics say “not so”. The fact is if you believe in a Jesus could lose a saved sinner, one whom He redeemed on the Cross, you do NOT believe in Jesus Christ. But it doesn’t prevent sinners from scoffing at this fact in favor of a church leading them to hell.

The recent social justice “Jesus” is appalling. Jesus is used as some sort of socialist worldly person who didn’t see this world as fallen. So this other Jesus’ main mission was NOT to save sinners from their sins and this fallen world, but to promote social justice. Sickening if you ask me. But sadly, millions believe in this invention of Jesus.

The sissified “Jesus” is also very prevalent. This Jesus conforms to sin, appeases sin, and forgets why God’s wrath was handed out on the Cross because sin to this “Jesus” means really nothing. American politicians will stand up before society and claim they are “Christians” while promoting homosexuality and abortion, claiming that this other “Jesus” would be happy with them.

Then there is the scales of justice other “Jesus”. This is an American Jesus where the sinner thinks they can outweigh their sins by good deeds. The “I will go to church on Sunday and sin all week” mindset. Or someone steeped in a sin believing if they do 10 good deeds, the scales tip in their favor and this other sissified Jesus will save them in the end.

Want to know who Jesus is? He was revealed in the Bible, Scripture! The truth of who He always was is clear. No invention can pass that test in Scripture. There are MANY false Jesus’ being preached, but just ONE true Jesus Christ. One who left His eternal throne to die on a Cross for one reason, God’s intolerance of SIN! One who rose from the dead and sits at the right hand of the Father and WILL return in glory some day soon. Get to know this Jesus, He is the very opposite of what is so readily promoted in society.

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