Depending on God Alone

2 Corinthians 1:18-20
“But as God is faithful, our word to you was not Yes and No. For the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who was preached among you by us—by me, Silvanus, and Timothy—was not Yes and No, but in Him was Yes. For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us.”

The other day my one year old puppy, Joby, immediately came to me after getting into some burrs. He meekly looked at me to help him out, to get these burrs off since he couldn’t. His personality has been always been like this, each time he needs help or if there is something he does not quite understand, he turns to me for this help. The thought occurred to me as to how we as Christians should have our own relationship with God, trusting that He is always faithful.

When Scripture said that “faith pleases God”, I am sure you can relate to this if you too own a dog or have children or others who depend on you alone for everything. It does please us if we have this faithfulness in our own lives. Take a scary situation or troubling circumstance, and being the sole person being turned to in faith to help them through it. It pleases you.

We can’t see God, but He is here. He isn’t up in some room being waited on by angels as the societal depiction. God is omnipresent. So by turning to Him alone, walking by faith alone and not by sight, it pleases Him. Logic then says it does NOT please Him if you turn to others, or half-heartedly have some faith He exists. No, you aren’t delusional for believing God is always present as an unbeliever might scoff and mock.

We must grow in this faith! This all powerful force has always been present, the God Almighty, and it is only by faith He can be accessed. We are born fallen, degenerate, and have no faith present in us. When God gives a rebirth, faith is the gift to make the blind sinner now believe by that faith. Before that point, we may punch in the air flailing about, looking for physical evidence of God. Roman Catholics for example litter their homes with statues because they do not have this faith. And the test comes if those statues were completely taken away, could they believe God exists? I’d say many would become immediate atheists.

A Christian granted faith from God does not need anymore signs or physical evidence, to believe in God’s presence. Now I am not saying this faith does not need to grow, because it does! And the evidence of a rebirth will show this growth each day, as each day God is revealing more of Himself through His word. The Christian is weaned off the world, and becomes dependent on God for everything just like my example of Joby. And I mean EVERYTHING. The good, the bad, the indifferent, the mundane, in all things you know and realize God is always present.

You stop thinking as a Christian “where are You, God?” and start believing He is right there with you always! Because of the faith which has been granted by Him, you no longer in futility punch the air. Turn to Him always, He is FAITHFUL as our God, His promises do not change! Whatever it is, speak to Him as if He is right beside you, because He is! If reborn, He lives in you now!

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