March 21, 2020

Today I write about something very personal. March 21, 2020 was a day where God had answered a prayer. My dog Leo who was in the midst with a tremendous fight against cancer was given a prognosis by his oncologist of “full remission”.

Those who fought cancer or who have had a loved one fighting cancer know those two words well, “full remission”. It is when it is shown that the patient is showing no signs of the cancer. The tumors have subsided and the general health is shown to be normalized.

I treasured that email which came that day, because Leo’s battle was something to behold. I prayed each day during that time to God for his full remission which seemed fleeting. Now being in remission does not mean the cancer has been cured, it is basically a much needed break from the cancer. It had been about 4 months of waiting for this sign, which did come by what I could only reason being by the hand of God.

Leo’s illness was a roller coaster, lots of ups and downs, but he took everything in stride. The pandemic shut downs were just starting to show itself to the world, but I was more worried about Leo’s access to his chemotherapy which was being broadcasted now as restricted. So many questions which were not being answered, so I turned to God alone. That remission announcement came at this time, God answered me.

God granted Leo an extension on his life for my behalf, and I thank Him for this. It was just 9 days later, Leo was gone. However, with his full remission, his last days for the most part were normal. God granted me a gift of seeing Leo again before the illness one last time. A blessing which did not go unnoticed.

While I grieved tremendously Leo’s passing, I knew God was with me. As I wrote in a book after the loss of him, I had to look back to see and realize many blessings God had granted, and a huge one occurred on March 21, 2020. There was no other explanation other than God’s gracious provision which granted Leo’s remission from his cancer.

To those faced with hardship, sadness, tremendous adversity, turn to God! The prayers are not being ignored. And because of the fog caused by our emotions, sometimes we miss those blessings from Him. So look back, and you shall see God’s hand in everything. It might be the smallest mundane thing or something huge, but BELIEVE that the Almighty God is constantly working for the good of those who love Him.

What a great God He is! A three word prayer we should always be praying is “THANK YOU GOD!”

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