The Religion of Safetyism

Safetyism is a phenomenon commonly seen in all generations of a fallen world. The most recent example showed itself in the COVID-19 pandemic. It is the natural tendency to see mankind as not depraved and the grasping onto the fallen same mankind for the answers.

Safetyism comes in many forms, and will prop up a human figure to be its spokesperson. Dr. Anthony Fauci is that figure in this particular religion. Whatever he says, his followers see as infallible and not to be questioned just as every false religion. People will double mask and vaccinate without questioning or discerning, if Fauci says so. And any resistance to this cult leader will be met with shunning and censorship along with constant demonization by his followers.

The religion of safetyism will have a key component where the goal posts can move at will by the infallible cult leader, again the followers will not raise an eyebrow but follow any edict in strict obedience. Since there is no faith in God in safetyism, the cult leader is the god. Albeit the cult leader can change his mind daily, reverse his earlier edicts at will and this would cause no problem to his religious following.

At the core of safetyism is humanism. Its innate desire is to survive death since it sees death as not sin dependent but human will dependent. So in this religion since God is not involved, the follower of safetyism sees it as their duty to produce their own death date which they know is coming, but can move the date based on what they do or do not do. The follower of this religion does not see mankind as fallen but good in nature.

So they may take an extra dose of vitamins per day, work out a little more, take a hundred prescription drugs per day for example all in the effort to try and cheat death. As I heard one pastor say, do all those things and you cans still get hit by a bus tomorrow. Now I am NOT saying it is not good to take care of yourself and do what is recommended by a doctor, what I am saying is if you are crossing into safetyism it usually is accompanied with obsession and an anxiety.

A safetyism which would involve a church, Roman Catholicism comes to mind. They prop up a pope, the cult following of this pope will do and practice anything the pope edicts. Scripture alone cannot be used in safetyism because it usually discards the cult leader’s edicts which cannot be found there or cannot be tested out through it. So you will always see a subtle attack on the sufficiency of Scripture by one who is practicing safetyism. Scripture can never trump the mankind or its cult leader in safetyism.

Again, the innate fallen desire is to grasp onto humanism and by that a religion of safetyism. It would explain why so many ran out and bought up a 10 year supply of toilet paper upon the start of the pandemic. It would explain why many on social media would fight you to the death over the edicts of Dr. Fauci and the degenerates that moderate the platforms eager to censor ANY discernment.

In the end, the adherents to safetyism will face a Judgment from an Almighty God of which they were not expecting. It will be SIN which will cause an eternal separation from Him by which Jesus says there will be much moaning and groaning and gnashing of teeth. Unlike safetyism, the promises of God never change!

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