Turning to God Alone

It might seem easy on the surface when one says ‘Turn to God Alone!”, but when the time comes are you really doing this? Is it a momentary turn as in a thought, or is it really turning to Him alone. Or do you believe you are turning to God alone, but getting advice from other sinners as well, which means that turning is NOT to Him alone.

There are definite times in your life, and many biblical examples, where God will remove every single idea so that you DO turn to Him alone. Usually this will show itself in the times of adversity or great struggles or a scary crisis. He does this to teach us that He alone will always get the glory and that we turn to Him alone always in everything.

Having been through a few crisis points in my life, it was not until I was born-again that I understood and realized this turning to God alone. Before that point, God was a back-drop. I knew He was present, but often times I did not acknowledge that He alone was the one who saw me through by His providence. I gave glory to myself or to others along with Him.

We must grow in this turning, because it doesn’t come like a flip of a switch. You may have been born-again, but your past life being as entangled in the world as it was needs to grow out of that entanglement. So God may give you several examples in your life to grow you out it. And I can rightly say that if you aren’t turning to Him alone or growing in this, you have not been born-again. You can claim Christianity all you wish, but the evidence of it comes into view during those adverse times.

It is a complete LETTING GO, and resting in God’s sovereignty, FAITH in Him is this turning to Him to alone. That whether it be good, bad, ugly, you are are trusting God and His will for your life. And to condition yourself, it take a faithful discipline. In this, you are turning to Him alone in the minutae, the trivial things as well, and NOT just the adversity.

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