A Common Question for God

When faced with rather traumatic and sad events in our life, the question which most likely pops up for God is “why me God?”. We do this as our natural fallen self does not compare ourselves to His holiness but to other sinners. We may believe we are better in His eyes, so why did this terrible circumstance befallen us.

The answer from God is that He is Holy, He is sovereign, and His will and plan and purpose are always perfect! The very fact that He allows all of mankind to take another breath on this earth suffices His common grace and mercy. So our expectations of Him are often confused and negligble. In other words, we should never expect more than what God has graced us with.

A couple of years ago, my dog Leo was diagnosed with a terminal cancer, stage 4. It came upon us like a whirlwind, as he was just 7 years old, the prime of his life. A question that popped in my mind, was why Leo? There is for example very nasty dogs in the neighborhood, Leo was just the opposite in demeanor. Plus, I could have asked, of which I didn’t, why God would take my dog from me and not some heathen unbeliever. And in my former life, I probably would have asked that honestly.

Envy is a nasty inherent sin. Pride is the bigger sin of which even though being born-again can remain in our lives. We look around and see degenerate unbelievers, evil in every way, living a life of luxury while we struggle. The Kardashians or Hollywood movie stars or TV celebrities or sports figures come to mind. They aren’t living their lives in any way for the Lord, but they have all the luxuries. So why is this?

The answer comes in the gift! You see, as a Christian, you have obtained a gift from God that no money could ever buy, that is your eternal life. So the Kardashians for example can live it up, eat drink, be merry in this life all they wish, but it goes by in a flash and in the end ETERNAL HELL. They can’t take those expensive jewels with them, they will be utterly naked as Adam and Eve in the Garden.

The fallen world whispers “follow me”, and with that the envy for the things of THIS world. Whereas the things of Kingdom, eternal life, are NO MATCH for those whispers so repent of that envy and set your sights on the Kingdom! In my new life with Christ, I no longer envy those riches, rather I feel sad for these sinners. They have no idea what is coming or if they do, they reject the Gospel. The Scriptural example of the rich young ruler comes to mind, he immediately left Jesus when Jesus told him to sell everything and follow Him. The ruler’s choice was this temporary fallen life for eternal life with Jesus, which is always the choice of a fallen sinner.

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