A Special Journey

Often times we miss God’s blessings through the fog of the world. Our limited brain capacity doesn’t allow us to totally comprehend the big picture in things.

And often times the last part of a journey is the longest. Two years ago for example, I was on a trek to Colorado with my dog Leo for his lifesaving treatment. We just entered the eastern edge of Colorado on a bright and sunny morning, with only 2 hours or so to our destination. But those two hours seemed to take forever as the closer we got, the more thoughts on what was to transpire took over my mind.

I think that is God slowing us down, to realize what He is doing, as that last part of a trip seems to be taking the longest. He wants us to realize that He got us there by His hand and no other! Despite this slowing down, we still may not realize this so looking back I found is important.

I am constantly seeing things I didn’t see before, and kick myself at times to say “why didn’t you see it earlier!”. I believe growth in this can only come by abandoning the world which is a process. Only then you might see what God is doing WHEN He did it and realize it was by Him alone.

God is indeed GOOD, and works to the good for all those who love Him. And in this work, it is not just the big things, it is the mundane little things. The fact that I didn’t get sick on the road on our trip to Colorado, or that we didn’t have an accident or vehicle breakdown or many other things God was doing.

We often think it “was me, myself and I” who accomplished the task. We proudly boast, “look at me and what I did”, when the only boast should be “look what God did for me!’.

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