Devastation in an Instant

On Friday night, folks in the mid-south region of the U.S. were greeted to utter devastation by a large band of tornados. The sheer power of the storm destroyed entire towns in an instant. And while most tornados don’t touch down for more than a few miles, this one stayed in force for over 200 miles.

People just going on with their lives, probably planning Christmas celebrations, working, going to school, suddenly saw their life turn upside down in an instant. Everything they owned was destroyed.

Some may ask honestly “why God?” And the answer is always we live in a fallen world and this world is slowly passing away. This is not the eternal end, but to show us that clinging to this world and all that is in it is a futile endeavor.

Those without God will be in a perpetual daze after such destruction, trying to make sense of this. Those who delusionally were using God as an ATM machine, hopefully understand there is no such machine. Bad things which happen are not discriminatory. The rain falls on God’s children as well as the unbelievers.

Bad things happen to all! The difference is those with God have Him there to comfort them and move forward. Those without Him are left to their own devices.

What we should be praying for when things like this happen? That by such a major event, those who have gone through it see God’s light! That they TURN from their lawlessness and then turn to God. It is a solemn reminder that you won’t take your worldly possessions and worldly life into the after-life. So cling to Jesus Christ instead of things which will be destroyed in an instant.

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