In the Midst of a Crisis, God is There

1 Kings 8:57 “May the Lord our God be with us, as He was with our fathers. May He not leave us nor forsake us”

Every crisis in life is met with a test of faith. Some attend a church religiously every week, sing praises and adulation to God, but when a crisis comes their faith is exposed. The trust in that faith is tested. Are you turning to God and resting in His purpose and will, or are you abandoning Him to seek answers from the world is that test. The cover comes off on religiosity, as are you practicing what you are preaching?

I can say that only by the grace of God I passed that test two years ago in a crisis which happened this very month. So many things all at once were thrust out of my control, and it would have been easy just to abandon my faith in my former life of sin. If certain things didn’t transpire, I would have doubted God for example. But in my new life as being born-again, I knew that by trusting God and His plan and purpose, and COMPLETELY submitting to this, that I could rest easy.

It is our fallen nature to doubt God, we are born doubting Him, more so rejecting Him. Humanists who call themselves “Christian” will try to balance the fence between God and the world, never giving glory to God alone, and never completely trusting in His plan. An example would be if a bad event occurs, God cannot be involved with it. Or if something doesn’t transpire to our liking, God isn’t involved. To humanists, He can only be involved with the good things of which He shares the glory and boasts with man. The humanist justifies this in their brain by claiming man though is responsible for the bad things.

In every crisis, God is there! It is a matter of faith. Could God rectify the crisis in a blink of an eye? YES! So what does it mean when He isn’t doing this? It means that He is working ALL things, good, bad, indifferent, to the GOOD of those who love Him, those who are His children.

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