Sent by the Almighty God

This Christmas of 2021, I would like to provide a witness to all of those who rose up during the Christmas season of 2019 and helped and prayed for my beloved dog Leo who was dying of cancer.

Isaiah 6:8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Whether you believe God exists or not, my personal witness is that He sent you! Without that unconditional support, without your prayers, I don’t believe Leo would have made it through December let alone November.

I wrote in the past of the daunting trip we made to Colorado, on faith alone. There are too many things to write on this, but will testify when I look back how it could be no other than God Himself which provided us safety and protection and provision. The sheer details would shock many, as to what needed to line up and when. Miracle after miracle is what I witnessed in a short period of time.

Some never even met Leo in person, yet they rose up and supported us. And some of the least expected people did so as well. There were no questions, just love and support. As some know, I was deeply moved by this experience, the appreciation I felt was overwhelming! Never in my life I had done something like this, and God made others aware of this by His grace alone.

On Christmas Eve of 2019, Leo and I went to a church service in Fort Collins. We scaled up a dark stairs and were seated in the balcony. As I sat there with Leo, I thanked God for getting us to that moment! Leo quietly listened to the hymns and service, we then scaled back down the stairs, a peaceful joyous victory in this battle for his life. He was still with me and his health was quite good for the moment, as God placed a memory for a lifetime, as I knew this might very well be the last Christmas Leo and I would share together. There was nothing taken for granted! All made due to the prayers and support we received. God heard them, He sent you!

So I write to those who supported me and Leo before, during, and after to tell you that God sent you! And just as the blessing of Leo was to me, you are also counted as a true blessing from God. And know, it wasn’t the amount of support, whether it be small or large, that mattered, an ounce is all it took! And I do believe God prompted everything for each individual, so we can rest in this!

I don’t think I had a better Christmas in my entire life! It was so peaceful, so joyful, so thankful! So forgive me if years from now, God willing, I am still thanking you! My gratitude is eternal!

One thought on “Sent by the Almighty God

  1. Yes indeed when we are at rock bottom no matter what it is , he sends support he sends people and as you said some people you would never have expected ,, came to support you Leo was your family , he was special not just to you , but to us as well
    We hated hearing he was so unwell
    And you were devastated ,
    The Lord always always comes through with what we need , at that time .
    Leo enjoyed that special time with you .
    In the church and at home everything was put on hold to look after him .
    Your bond to Leo was unbreakable


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