New Year New Beginning

With the upheaval in society the past couple of years, I pray that 2022 is a new beginning where folks begin to realize who is in control, that is the Almighty God.

Degenerate politicians have failed you as well as “scientists” who are basically paid off politicians, sold to the highest bidder. The fear of death is what they prey upon with Satan exhorting this on. Even the most hardened atheist understands that everyone will eventually die, while only the delusional believe they can somehow beat death.

The pandemic should instead be a WAKE UP CALL to those perishing. That reminder that you will never beat your own death as God has affixed the exact date and time. And after death comes judgment. What a sad state of affairs for those who believe this is all there is as they cling to this world like a drunk trying to avert driving off a cliff.

But I have seen this before, many times where an individual is given a personal wake up call from God which comes and goes and they go back to their life of sin. Sooner or later, there won’t be anymore alarms or reminders!

Do you want to live in peace no matter the circumstance? Place your faith alone in the person and work of Jesus Christ. You will live knowing that this isn’t all there is, you will live eternally with Him! If I am wrong, then you have nothing to worry about. If I am right however, and I will unequivocally say I am right because of the myriad of evidence on this, you have plenty to worry about if you reject Jesus. This pandemic and your worldly issues are NOTHING compared to eternal hell, where there are no breaks from the misery, NO HOPE, NO LOVE, just continual torment and despair.

No one will beat the death clock, none have! Not even Jesus could add a minute to His own life here on earth, so what makes you believe you can? If it is God’s will that you die of Covid-19, rest in that will, and you will start living your life! I read story after story of those doing everything degenerate politicians tell them to, and it hasn’t prevented them from contracting this virus. So what if you do? Do your thoughts immediately have to turn to death because you really haven’t thought about it before? Hence the wake up call from God!

You can wear 10 masks, get 15 boosters, curl up in the fetal position in fear of the virus, and then go out the next day and get hit by a bus and die. Because you will never beat that death clock or how you will die. The wages of sin is death, and we ALL have sinned.

So, if you are unbeliever or deceiving yourself in a world religion, I pray in 2022 you try something NEW! Place your faith alone in Jesus Christ, repent of your sins, come INTO His rest and peace and your life will change forevermore! I can promise you this just as the sun arose this morning, that Jesus will NEVER fail you! He is an Unmatched Conqueror seeking sinners who He has chosen!

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