Learning to Thank God

Ephesians 5:20giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

It is quite easy to thank God for those wonderful things which happen in our lives, but Paul didn’t mince his words when he said to give “thanks always for ALL things”. This would mean the mundane things we take for granted as well as the hurt and heart break and turmoil we experience.

Now someone may have just read “as well as the hurt and heart break and turmoil we experience”, and scratch their head and say “WHAT?” Allow me to explain. If we learn and more importantly UNDERSTAND what God’s sovereignty entails, you will also learn to thank Him for all things including the things we would never think of thanking Him for.

Let me give you an example. In 2008-2009 a couple of years before my rebirth I was greatly scammed by a woman and her boyfriend. They took thousands of dollars from me. Without going into all the sorted details, let’s just say I took full responsibility for my sheer stupidity. But what was the lesson God taught me and thus I thank Him for? I realized when God opened my eyes how much He had forgiven me, and now it was my turn to forgive my offenders. And honestly, without a rebirth, I would have probably ended up in jail in my zeal for revenge.

Another example in my life came from the person who took the time to read the Bible out loud in a busy restaurant to me. This person said and did MANY nasty evil things to me as well. But if it wasn’t for God using her to read the Bible, my eyes would have remained shut for another day. So I thank God for this!

I thank God for all the things He provided before, during, after my rebirth. These things all gave me a witness and testimony in Jesus Christ! Some were really terrible things, which I realized only after my rebirth were shaping my ministry in Jesus. It is hard to thank someone for the repeated slaps upside the head, but with God and His discipline, you have no other choice but to thank Him because His intent, His motivation, is for YOUR OWN GOOD!

When we lose someone in our life, are we thanking God for the time we spent with them? We should be! Turn to gratitude instead of self-loathing and you will see that hand of God. You see, it is God who makes everything possible, not you and many times we think we are our own god. Some see the devil in everything, while the devil is definitely working against God and His children, he is NEVER sovereign over God’s plan and purpose. Remember, God gave the devil rules when He allowed him to work on Job. Those rules still apply to you, the devil is not working outside of God’s boundaries. The devil is NEVER more powerful than God!

So learn to thank God during those hard times, and you will appreciate Him even more during the good times!

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