When We Tell God “It is Unfair”

When we lose a loved one in our life, the main temptation that comes to our minds is to say “how unfair” it is. We naturally do this because we somehow believe we deserved more time with them, and they deserved more time.

God completely understands our minds and understands that feeling of unfairness. And if we understand Him, we really have no right to tell Him that we deserve more than unfairness. After all, was it fair that His perfect Son Jesus Christ was tortured and put to death to save sinners who vehemently opposed and wanted nothing to with Him? That is the epitome of unfairness in my view.

When believers and unbelievers alike say “life is unfair”, this is not a caricature, but an actual truth. We live in a fallen world. We sinned against a holy God, so if God were actually “fair” with us, none of us would have been created. We get unfairness because of God’s mercy, not because of His wrath.

View the Apostles, they went onto share the Gospel and grow the church. They left everyone and everything to do so, and in the end were persecuted, jailed, and put to death. So the idea of “fairness” needs to be thought about from God’s standpoint.

When my dog Leo was diagnosed with cancer at 7 years old, I will admit that one of the first thoughts I had was “how unfair”. I looked at others in my life with dogs, complete unbelievers and doing evil against God’s kingdom, and their dogs were granted much longer lives. That comparison and thought was completely vanquished when I viewed it from God’s standpoint and His perfect Son Jesus Christ.

After all, it should have been ME and not Jesus Christ being tortured and put to death because of my sins. So if I wanted to make an argument with God on “fairness”, that’s ALL He would need to respond back with.

So in the growth of a Christian, you will understand that life here on earth is unfair, but there is a God who realizes this and understands. We don’t need to dwell on it, because God is in control and no matter how unfair we think it to be, God is always working the good for those who love Him. Because again, if we received fairness instead of mercy, none could stand. So I’ll take life being unfair, and accept it as should you!

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