The Will to Win

1 Corinthians 9:24 Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain it.

As I listened to a podcast of a couple of people who participated in bow and arrow competitions, they said some profound things which I know can be applied to Gospel sharing. One of guys said “no matter where we went, I knew we would win”.

Now he was saying this because as he explained, no one put in the amount of work they did. Each day they went to the range, they fine tuned their equipment, they practiced both mentally and physically. And they did this, not because it was a chore, but simply because they were passionate, they loved what they were doing.

He said “as soon as we looked around in the room, we knew who we were up against, and I had no doubt in my mind we would win because we worked harder than all of them combined”. Their confidence was not a cockiness, but a realization of the will to win. They were simply stating “we are the best around”, because of the practice and discipline, they knew they were the best.

In the Gospel arena, do you have that confidence? Can you say you could witness to absolutely anyone out there, and have the confidence in yourself that you did your job for Christ? You can only get there by the same mentality of discipline and practice and training each day.

Some have this idea that the pastor of their church should be the one training, while they sit back as lazy oafs and daydream. And then the day comes, a stranger asks “can you please share with me the Good News?” And you fumble, mumble, and flutter upon their questions. You try to remember where the verse number was the pastor taught you, but can’t seem to find anything. After a few minutes, the stranger starts to doubt everything, and you walk away in shame.

Some also think Gospel sharing is a hobby only to come out when you feel like it. Worldly politics seem more exciting for awhile so you focus more on the latest drama. Only then to face the scenario I described above. The shame and guilt should surface upon every failure, that’s IF the Holy Spirit is indwelling you.

You have no excuse, no rationalization you can give to Jesus Christ as to why you are not studying His word, why you aren’t training to be the very best around! I am sure like in everything, we could pretty much give an excuse, but the failure can only be blamed on the one who looks you in the mirror.

I personally find it highly odd if someone claimed to be a Christian for a few years, and still can’t get their words together, or are still on level one when it comes to Scripture. I don’t believe it is an intelligence thing, it is more of a passion and discipline void. Again there is NO excuse! Unless you do not own a Bible, or have access to online sources, I don’t believe there is any excuse one can give as to why after decades they still don’t quite get theology, hermeneutics, context, etc.

Want to be the very best in Scripture? Nothing and nobody is preventing you from doing so other than yourself. The Holy Spirit is willing and able 24/7/365 to train you, to discipline you, to enlighten you. Talk about having the VERY BEST EVER right there waiting! Like those I mentioned with their bow and arrow, IF you put in the time, IF you practice, IF you train and have a PASSION, the confidence will exude! There won’t be a person on the earth who could trip you up! As Paul exhorts “RUN IN A WAY TO OBTAIN IT”

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