Gospel Training

A person who takes the name of a “Christian” should always be ready at the drop of a hat to share the Gospel of their salvation, the Good News of Jesus Christ.

What are some of the important precepts to the Gospel?
1. All of mankind are inherent sinners. We all have broken God’s laws.
2. The judgment of “guilty” has been leveled by God to every last human being.

3. The penalty for this guilty verdict is God’s wrath, and eternal torment in a place called Hell.

4. God because He is gracious, loving, and merciful, knowing that mankind is guilty, sent a Messiah named Jesus Christ to make an atonement on their behalf.

5. Jesus, the eternal Son of God, was born of a virgin, incarnated as man. By this birth, He is 100 percent man, and 100 percent God. He is deemed “the perfect Lamb of God”. The perfect “Lamb” meaning the sacrificial lamb in the place of sinners.

6. To be saved, the sinner must place their faith alone in Jesus. They must believe that He died on their behalf, that He sacrificed Himself to propitiate (satisfy) God’s wrath on their sins. That Jesus alone is the way, the truth, and the life. By this, His perfect righteousness is credited to you, so now God sees you as in Christ, perfect in Him alone.

7. Jesus is now your Mediator for all your sins holding you NOW blameless, GOOD NEWS. The Holy Spirit who indwells the saved sinner serves as the seal and guarantee of your eternal life. He is always going to be with you!

8. To realize salvation, the sinner must have an inherent desire to now repent, to turn away from their sins and follow Jesus in heart and mind and soul. This desire to repent steadily grows which is called sanctification, being set apart and placed in Jesus.

9. If saved, this isn’t a struggle or a chore. You repent because Jesus saved you, not to be saved. God saves the ungodly, never the “godly. No one will be saved by their works or they could boast in themselves.

10. If saved, as Jesus rose from the dead on the third day, the saved sinner too shall rise and forever live in heaven with Jesus! THIS IS THE GOOD NEWS!

The Bible teaches each one of these 10 precepts in detail. Train yourself to know them intimately. I would write out all the verse numbers and passages which speak on these, but use this for your own practice and training. Study the Scripture, when challenged be able to reference everything quickly.

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