Lane Frost – A Servant of the Lord

If you never heard of Lane Frost, he was a Christian first and foremost and also professional bull rider who in 1989 tragically perished at the age of 25 during a rodeo. Lane was a champion in his profession at a young age. His discipline and training along with a passion made him one the absolute best who ever rode a bull. They made a movie about him called “8-Seconds” which sadly left out everything Lane wanted people to know about him. He was a superstar of the rodeo, and a superstar for Jesus Christ!

When hearing his family and friends speak about Lane after his death, it was Lane’s Gospel message which was much more important to him. He told a friend who asked for tips on bull riding that “if there is anything to remember about me, it is that I wanted you to be saved.”

And one by one, after Lane’s tragic death, his friends and family realized that Gospel message he was preaching to them. That it would be by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone they could be saved. According to Lane, his rodeo achievements meant really nothing compared to the gift of eternal life God had granted him.

His widow Kellie spoke about how Lane basically accomplished everything he could have in the rodeo field. And again, he was only 25 years of age. Lane believed the Bible, that “life is a midst” and that no one is promised another day let alone just 8 more seconds.

He told his friends as in a premonition of his death, that if they wanted to see him in the future, they would have to come to Jesus. And slowly one by one did. Maybe it took his death at such a young age for them to wake up from their slumber, and just maybe this was God’s plan for Lane.

Today is the day of your salvation, tomorrow might be too late! If you are not in the peace and rest of Jesus Christ NOW, TODAY, as Lane was, you won’t be in that peace or rest after you perish. What a great testament to our faith in Jesus, Lane did so and he continues to do so.

The grave of Lane Frost, the simple words were what he wanted people to know about him. Nothing about “the best rodeo cowboy” or “love to ride the bulls” or “world champion”.

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