The Enemy Does Exist

Many Christians spend their time oblivious to the enemies of the Gospel, and then when an attack comes they are found completely unprepared. Wokeness is my view is a clear and bold enemy to the Gospel, but instead of confronting it, some turn the other way or in some cases conform to it.

My definition of wokeness is simply calling wrong right, and right wrong, they call evil good, and good evil. It disregards all of God’s laws and makes man a god over sinful social norms. It is an absolute lunacy but what we see is the enemy gaining ground because the church is so very weak in confronting this evil.

Being spineless is not courageous, it is capitulation. You aren’t loving your neighbors by allowing them to defile the Almighty God. You are not gaining converts by bringing wokeness in to the church either, you are planting seeds for Satan. Instead of social justice, speak on God’s JUSTICE of which we are all guilty.

By straying from Scripture, you are ripe to be trampled by the enemy. They aren’t going to take you in and whisper sweet nothings in your ear, they are dead set at destroying God’s Kingdom. If regenerated, God has given you a SPINE, and STRENGTH, not weakness and feebleness.

Look to the King, Jesus Christ if you need inspiration. There was no time in His history where He surrendered the Gospel to the enemy so as to not to hurt their feelings. When He needed to be tough, He was ultimately tough! He spoke on their demise, He warned them constantly, He didn’t compromise or appease.

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